don’t eat that bad marijuanas


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    Stop! Don’t eat that bad marijuanas!
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Should I send this to my friend who smokes the marijuana

I love how Gus’s speech is so incoherent that the automatic captions think its Russian

“The Beatles don’t do marijuana”

Me: **Aggressive flashbacks to Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds**

Yes yes we all noos that thy Seth Rogan and beatle bois no eat marijuana that common cave man logica

What about good marajhua

I ate a marawanas once now I’m ded.

Really catchy song tho

0:13 – I can hear Bob Dylan laughing at this one

Here in SD we’re gonna eat legal marijuanas soon

Wait so Obama’s first name is Presiden? Thanks man! Now I have to subscribe!

I’m gonna eat that

Gus: The Beatles don’t smoke marijuana
SGT Pepper’s lonely hearts club band: am I a joke to you

Wimmboly wommboly the video is very holy

credit a guy I used to follow named Brendan Rogers or something who seemed to get that idea

it would genuinely cure cancer if they didn’t just try and industrialise the fuck out of the chemicals in it that actually do stuff to make ur brain all WaaAaAaVy

the CBD in marijuana is far more valuable to eat than to smoke. .

I’mm eating marejuana as we speak >:)

But perozentombamma did smoke weed

I had a stroke whilst attempting to reading the title

drinkin’ blunts smokin’ foties! drinkin’ blunts smokin’ foties! that’s what this kids all about.


0:03“If you munch on that stuff then you’ll surly be a goner” truck drives toward him in the background

You know Obama doin drugs. Sum ain’t right wit him

Since I was a youngster I’ve wanted to be exactly like Prednisone Obama

A truly great man. Unlike him, prednisone dumpf definitely eats some bad marijuana smh disappointed how could he set such a bad example


I have this as my ringtone

I am once again asking Gus to put all of his little songs on Spotify. Please god. Or maybe just salt. I love salt.

What the hell did I just watch?! 😂😂😂

Um, Obama did coke. So is coke ok?

As long as it’s diet coke

One of the beetles songs was about what they saw while on marijuana soooooooooo good vid

My friend sings this every day I’d never heard of marijuana until that day I think he’s on some bad marijuana’s

Marijuana actually is no where near as bad as other drugs it’s pretty much the safest drug out there

Thay looks like my salad mix. But I’ve never seen mariguanas

They had us in the first half not gonna lie

Yea kids eat the white salt only

I never eat those bad marijuana’s only the good ones.

I like how he included the Beatles, yeeeaaahh, they totally didn’t smoke weed.

Can I like a video 10,000,000 times, is that possible

I want to think that Gus and his camera man drank most of that handle before filming this.

The Beatles did lsd

why the fuck are there automatic russian subtitles

Weed can’t hurt you
Yes I get that this video is a joke.


Me and siblings are really afraid of Marijuana. Our mom said our dad smoked it when he was 13, that’s why he’s such a failure

Obama ate the weed

I think Gus was eating them bad “Mariguanas” while recording this video

What if it’s legal

Don’t inject weed it kills! Don’t Smoke vodka and drive

In my school, there’s 2 cannabis posters- right next to the third grade class. My school legit thinks that seven year olds are doing cocaine.
Edit: I don’t live in America, so I don’t know how the school system works there but where I live there isn’t a middle school, you just go through all the grades up to eight and now you’re in college

Woahhh now that I have watched this informational video I will never eat marijuana ever again

the Beatles did MARIJUANA

Honestly kinda want a full version

I got a ad for weed on this vid

You are such a philosopher

Weed is a calming drug

“Dont eat that bad marajuanas” by Gus Johnson sends a strong, critical message while also being entertaining and fun, which is a stark contrast from the severity of the topic of drug use. Despite being one the most influential and important pieces of this post-Freudian age, it is not without controversy. The use of the President of the United States as an example of what to do left a lot of people ill-inclined to the message and principals of the work. Pensidono Bama was heavily criticised during his terms in power on a number of matters, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth for what should be a delicacy of art and creative expression. Despite this, the quintessential song about drug use has still managed to inspire and educate many, with it’s use of up to date, but grunge style music which makes the philosophy of shedding light on how it should be cool to not do drugs, while not disassociating drugs with its negative connotations. The powerful lyrics such as “you’ll surely be a gonner” displays the issues compellingly while making the dark undertones prevalent and exploring deeper issues. This is why I think that “Dont eat that bad marajuanas” by Gus Johnson is one of, if not, the most influential and important pieces of our time, and is a literary masterpiece on the good of societal influence.

Haven’t seen one of these since my sixth grade book reports

Hi it’s 2020 I have something to offer you. a 2 for 1 deal, alcoholism with weed on the side, can be yours for the price of a small child

But Seth Roger smokes the good marginas

Actually marijuana is perfectly safe for most peaple if theyr brain has finished developing

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What Smoking Marijuana Every Day Does to Your Body

With medical marijuana legal in states like California, Colorado, Illinois and a growing list, adoption of the drug is becoming more and more commonplace—as is consumption. We consulted doctors and medical resources to discover what happens if you smoke marijuana every day. (Note: do not use marijuana without consulting a medical professional first.)

First, The Positive Effects

Marijuana has been shown to be an effective treatment for a variety of health issues. Read on to discover how it can be used best.

It Can Relieve Your Pain

Marijuana is often used as a source of pain relief, as you can get a medical card for it to treat issues like cancer or inflammation. “German researchers found that marijuana-based remedies increased the number of people who reported a 50% or more reduction in pain relief,” says WebMD . “In a small study of 47 patients with Parkinson’s disease, Israeli researchers found a 27% improvement in pain with marijuana use.”

It Can Lead to Less Anxiety

“I found Marijuana at the age of 19,” says Peter Pryor, M.D. “It has always been a bit of a godsend for me because it helps me daily with anxiety and many other benefits.” (Read on to discover how marijuana can also increase anxiety for some.)

It Can Regulate Blood Sugar

Insulin is which regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. Insulin resistance is linked to a greater risk of diabetes. However, according to Mary Clifton, M.D , marijuana offers “less insulin resistance.”

It Can Lower Your Cholesterol

Millions of Americans live with high cholesterol, which can increase the risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke. However, according to Dr. Clifton, “people who use cannabinoid formulations regularly are found to have lower overall cholesterol.”

It Can Lower Your BMI (If You Don’t Snack)

Despite the common feeling of having “the munchies” after using marijuana, cannabis users tend to weigh less and are less likely to be obese. They have a “lower BMI,” says Dr. Clifton. According to the CDC , BMI (aka body mass index) “is a screening tool used to identify individuals who are underweight, overweight, or obese.”

Now, The Negative Effects

“Your mileage may vary,” as the expression goes, but using marijuana every day may have negative effects, also. Here are a few noted by the doctors.

You Can Develop Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD)

“This means that these users develop such an ironclad tolerance to marijuana that they have to consume increasing amounts to feel the same euphoric sensations,” says Dr. Sal Raichbach . “This leads to decreased reactivity to dopamine, which suggests a possible correlation to the dampening of the reward system of the brain and an increase in negative emotion and addiction severity.”

It Could Increase Your Cardiovascular Risk

“Marijuana has been shown to cause a fast heartbeat and elevated blood pressure, which can be dangerous for people with heart disease,” says Dr. Sanul Corrielus . “It may also aggravate other pre-existing heart conditions in long-term users and those who are older—placing them at greater risk of a cardiovascular event,” says Dr. Norris.

It Can Tamper Your Coordination and Response Issues

“Coordination and response time are adversely affected and short term memory is often impaired,” says Dr. Jason Levine . “Coordination issues in conjunction with an altered experience of time are likely to blame for impaired driving and an increase in car accidents.”

It Can Lead to Respiratory Issues

“While smoking cannabis daily has less of an impact than smoking cigarettes,” says Dr. Carey Clark, “some people who smoke cannabis can end up with issues like chronic cough and excess mucus or phlegm production.” “The most deadly aspect is that it increases your risk of lung cancer 7% per year,” says Osita Onugha, MD . “However,” says Dr. Lili Barsky, “these symptoms can improve with cessation.”

It Can Cause Memory Issues

“Long-term marijuana use can decrease an individual’s performance on memory-related tasks and cause a decrease in motivation and interest in everyday activities,” says Dr. Chris Norris . “The effect of cannabis temporarily prevents the brain from developing new memories and learning new things, which is a form of short-term memory.”

It Can Affect Your Developing Brain

“The brain continues to develop through adolescence and into adulthood, and those areas of the brain that control executive functioning, processing, judgment, and decision making are the last to develop,” says Dr. Randall Dwenger . “Marijuana use can impair this brain development and have a long-lasting impact on the individual’s future.”

It Can Increase Your Anxiety

“A 2017 national survey of more than 9,000 Americans found that 81 percent believed marijuana had one or more health benefits. Nearly half of these respondents listed “anxiety, stress, and depression relief” as one of these potential benefits,” reports Healthline. “But there also seems to be just as many people who say marijuana makes their anxiety worse.” As for yourself: To get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don’t miss these 35 Places You’re Most Likely to Catch COVID .

We consulted doctors to discover what happens to your body if you smoke marijuana every day. There's good news and bad news to report.