death by lemons strain

Death by lemons strain

Death Star Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
THC: 18% – 27%

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I got lucky and somebody i know got deathstar weed and manage to have 2 seeds they gave me and both are growing nicely but still don’t know if autoflowers or feminised.but i know nothing about strain

IF anyone here can find real death Star I would be willing to buy them a bag of it for some good directions and a point in the right direction.

Awesome. very sweet and powerful. Nice easy 92% INDO cart. Recommended !! Good for pain. PTSD and neuropathy 😁

Simply love it. I’m from the 70s so I’ve been smoking pot since then. Sometimes it’s hard to find a strain that does anything for me. Due to the sativa‘s in the world. I just landed some of this tonight and I got to tell you, it’s wonderful! Very dense buds! Slow burning, which is a good thing! Sweet pine scent. I’m happy I found a new weed!! I am not fond of sativa. I’ve been smoking since the early 70s and that’s all we had and the potency wasn’t as good as it is today. The only good thing about it was an OZ only cost $15 when I started smoking. That was Mexican garbage however Columbia started coming out and it went up to $20. By the time I got in my late 30s probably mid 30s it wasn’t doing anything for me. Then in my 40s medical came out. Which was a good thing. When I smoke sativa, I immediately get a headache. And it makes me nervous to the point I can’t stand myself. Anybody out there having the same problem with some of these hybrids? Seems like people my age do you not like sativa. Some of the effects are the same. Anyone out there having the same problem? But as far as this strain train goes, I’m definitely going along for the ride. Relaxing now, good weed! See ya!

Death Star is a cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel which is most commonly known as an indica dominant. Death Star possesses the best attributes of both its parents. Its name is assumed to be linked with Star Wars movies. It has the indica/sativa ratio of 75% to 25%. The strain bud, when cru…

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Why Colorado Tokers Love Death by Lemons

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It’s been a while since the name of a strain intimidated me. Herijuana was probably the last one that made me nervous, and that was at least five years ago. But a recent trip to The Health Center Uptown had me shaking in my shoes as I walked to the cash register. I was about to smoke some Death. by Lemons.

Conjuring the voice of Katt Williams screaming “This shit right here?!” as he rants about the ridiculous names of pot strains, Death by Lemons might sound like an absurd attempt by the breeder to get some attention, and some tokers think it is. The budtender at THC scoffed at me for even considering the strain, saying that all of the limonene terpenes gave him a headache. “It’s your money,” he added.

Wrong, asshole: It’s Westword‘s.

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While I didn’t appreciate the budtender’s attitude, I could see his point that Death by Lemons can be too much, even for big fans of citrus strains. If Tangie is the extreme end of the orange spectrum, then Death by Lemons is its obvious lemon equal. My eyes opened wide, my head jerked backward and my nose felt violated the moment I opened a jar — I’m pretty sure I had sex hair afterward — so I wasn’t surprised by the strain’s lemon-cleaner taste and caffeine high.

The intense characteristics of Death by Lemons make it a great sixth man, ready to come in off the bench and provide a spark during the doldrums of your day’s third quarter — but don’t rely on it for everything. The flavor and effects are too specific to enjoy daily; still, those same factors make it very handy when you need them.

I’ve seen Death by Lemons popping up in Denver dispensaries under wholesale grower NUHI distribution; The Health Center currently carries it at both of its locations. NUHI keeps the genetics under lock and key, but rumors suggest that the strain is a combination of Death Star and Lemon Skunk, Lemon Haze or Lemon G.

Because Death Star’s Sour Diesel genetics paired with any of those three would create the smell and flavor of a Warhead sour candy, as well as Death by Lemon’s sativa effects, I believe what the street’s saying on this one.

Looks: Death by Lemons has a vibrant, bright-green color, with rich, rusty-orange pistils and a thin but extensive coat of trichomes. Bright colors and spindly calyxes scream sativa, but its bud shape can be more round than expected.

Smell: Nostrils, beware. Death by Lemons doesn’t have the strongest smell, but it’s very aggressive and extremely one-sided. All of that lemon leaves your nostrils clean and shiny after a whiff, but that can get old after an eighth.

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Flavor: Sharp, tart and to the point. The intense lemon flavor could be a palate-wrecker for some, but it’s an invigorating shot of sweet and sour for anyone looking to pucker up. Although not as strong as the smell, the taste isn’t as complex, either, so the lemon dominates.

Effects: As the smell, looks and flavors imply, Death by Lemons is a clear sativa, with initial uplifting effects that push the boundary of disorientation. But take this one slowly, because typical sativa side effects — lack of focus, anxiety, dry mouth — tend to kick in after more than a couple of bowls. If dosed responsibly, though, it can take away stress while providing a powerful shot of energy, making it great for exercise.

Home grower’s take: “I’ve never seen this for sale on the commercial side, but it can be gotten elsewhere. From what I’ve heard, it’s some combination of Lemon Skunk or Lemon G, and Death Star. It makes sense, name-wise, and so does that fucking crazy sour smell that it carries. Leaves get pretty big from the start, so be prepared to top. Trichome coverage is excellent, but be ready for your grow to smell like lemon juice.”

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I've seen Death by Lemons popping up in Denver dispensaries under wholesale grower NUHI distribution; The Health Center currently carries it at both of its locations. ]]>