dark purple strain

Dark Purple Auto

Dark Purple Auto is a cannabis strain developed by Delicious Seeds looking to offer an AutoFem plant with Kush lineage and beautiful dark colours. Already available in Alchimia Grow Shop.

Dark Purple Auto comes from the cross between the OG Kush genetics and the Purple Kush Auto marijuana, a 5-generation hybrid developed to enhance its features generation after generation, and achieving almost 100% of plants with purple buds.

The plants grow short and compact, with a prominent main stem surrounded by few, short side branches. It is highly resistant to pests and moderately resistant to molds.

The flowering stage is short, taking 45-55 days and yielding up to 70gr/plant of resinous and dark buds with sweet and complex aroma.

The flavour is Kush, sweet, dark and complex, with fruity notes. The effect is relaxing and suitable for several medicinal treatments.

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Dark Purple Auto

Dark Purple Auto is the result of the crossing between the powerful OG Kush and the beautiful Purple Kush Auto. This is mostly indica plant with unique aroma and medical properties.

The plant demonstrates amazing purple hues during the flowering. It develops compact structure with bif central stem and few side branches. The strain has a resistance to mold and pests. The time from seedlings to harvest takes only 7-8 weeks. The strain is ideal both for indoor and outdoor growing.

The resinous buds delivers sweet and complex aroma. And the smoke offers intense, sweet, fruity taste and relaxing effect.

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