citrus og strain

Citrus Kush

Taste & Smell

  • Fruity
  • Sour
  • Sweet


  • Sleepy
  • Tingly

Pairs Well With

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Doing Nothing
  • Knitting
  • Reading
  • Sleeping
  • Watching TV/Movies

About this Hybrid Strain

Citrus Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain with indica-leaning traits such as deep relaxation and powerful, long-lasting body effects according to those who have tried it. Reviewers have described the body buzz as intense and the cerebral effects as fast-acting when Citrus Kush takes over.

When opening this strain into the air, you will immediately notice its powerful citrus, orange, and lemon aromas understanding how it earned its name. Citrus continues to come through on taste with undertones of sweet and sour.

This bud has broad leaves revealing various shades to create a visual patchwork of green hues accentuated by an occasional orange pistil. A light coating of trichomes gives everything a slight frosty appearance.

Usually, intense citrus aroma within a cannabis strain corresponds to increased levels of limonene and Citrus Kush is no different. Along with limonene, other prominent terpenes included linalool and caryophyllene. As powerful as this strain is, the THC levels tend to average a low 12% to 16% evidencing the power of the overall cannabinoid makeup of the plant.


Frequently Asked Questions About Citrus Kush

Citrus Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain with indica characteristics like powerful, long-lasting relaxation and stress relief according to reviewers.

What does Citrus Kush mean?

Citrus Kush is a name given because of this strain’s intense citrus, orange, and lemon aromas and flavor combination.

Where does Citrus Kush come from?

Citrus Kush genetics are unknown but there is no doubt the Kush lineage shines through with the long-lasting body buzz and intense relaxing physical effects.

What does Citrus Kush smell like?

Citrus Kush strain smells strong like orange, citrus, and lemon.

What does Citrus Kush taste like?

Citrus Kush tastes powerfully like citrus, orange, and lemons.

What color does Citrus Kush have?

Citrus Kush has a variety of greens from light to deep, dark green throughout the broad leaves with sporadic orange pistils intertwined in the buds.

What effects does Citrus Kush have?

Citrus Kush strain starts with uplifting cerebral energy and then evolves into a long-lasting powerful relaxing body buzz that can be sedative, according to those who have tried it.

Is Citrus Kush an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Citrus Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain with strong indica characteristics.

Citrus Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain with indica-leaning traits such as deep relaxation and powerful, long-lasting body effects according to those who have tried it. Reviewers have described the body buzz as intense and the cerebral effects as fast-acting when Citrus Kush takes over. When opening…

Citrus og strain

citrus og strain Oct 17 2020 Find Hell Fire OG strains Ghost Train Haze Spooky Season just wouldn 39 t be the same without strains like Ghost Train Haze a boisterous sativa that hits hard and lasts long. The Citrus Sap high is incredibly unique in that it brings on both couch lock and mental stimulation ending in a full bodied high that can kill any ache or pain with ease. OG Kush has a high level of THC that makes it strong with mild side effects. Cannabis that is purchased at a OG Kush is known for its strength and complex aroma and flavour profile. About Citrus Kush middot Smokey eyed and mysterious this strain 39 s makeup has been kept under wraps by the breeders. Write a Review. They didn t waste any time making a name for themselves either. In the spirit of Halloween we ve decided to build this list entirely around spookily named strains. Candy OG Kush comes from the cross of OG Kush and Train Wreck. Flowering time 8 9 nbsp There 39 s also a taste of wood that blends interestingly with the citrus feel in the mouth on the exhale. Soul Assassin OG evokes sleepy knockout indica effects that help silence any pain stress or tension from a long a day. Independent standardized information about Solfire Gardens 39 s cannabis strain The Citrus Black Find phenotypes comments detailed profiles flowering time THC Content images prices amp stores extended family tree amp lineages crossings amp hybrids grow journals direct comparisons medicinal properties and much more The OG strain on the other hand contains mainly compounds of guaiol myrcene a pinene eudesmol and trans ocimene. Fruity Pebbles OG x Sour Dub by Grow West Strain of the Week nbsp 20 Jun 2018 OG Kush Hybrid . Crockett Family Farms Citrus Sap. Known as the strain of the West coast best cbd face oil for acne breeding scene OG Kush cbd a cbd all enthusiasts must try at least once in their About White OG White OG is an award winning child of two celebrated strains The White and SFV OG Kush taking home the overall prize at the 2010 and 2014 Cannabis Cup. Sep 19 2019 The citrus strain would complement brunch better than any alcoholic beverage. Jesus OG Strain Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects SFV OG Kush is known as one of the tastiest and most potent members of the Kush family. Find out what 39 s best for you and by how much View parent s flavors effects medicals and negatives information about each strain all in one page. Jan 16 2018 SFV OG has a very earthy aroma with strong qualities of pine and citrus. Citrus OG is not the easiest strain to grow but not the most difficult either. 21 Feb 2018 This week we are looking a Psycho Citrus a cross of Psychosis Clone only and Sour Tangie. This strain has a musty and earth aroma and some even say it tastes like craft beer with its citrus aftertaste nbsp Lemon Kush is a citrus scented cannabis strain with unknown genetic origins. With such a smattering of strain combinations it might be a little bit confusing to anticipate what this strain is going to be like. However as a bonus patients enjoy the lemon auto component to this strain. Skywalker OG Cannabis Strain Everything You Need To Know skywalker Skywalker OG. Lemon Skunk and Skywalker OG offers a potent stimulating cerebral buzz. Genetics Kosher Kush nbsp Citrus gives an amazing energetic Sativa high and inherits a lemony aroma and after taste from its Lemonade parent. These flowers smell sweet and earthy like pine with subtle citrus undertones. Many claim the Ghost OG to be the perfect balance of cerebral and pain relieving effects. Being strong does not mean it is not pleasant on the contrary. Smoke for this strain may be harsh but has a pleasant taste of citrus on the exhale. Discover local marijuana strains in Citrus Heights California. A winner for the Best U. Girl Scout Cookies Hybrid. All in all Jerry OG is a great choice for cannabis growers recreational users and medical patients alike. Discover and learn more about these Clementine. OG Kush strain became famous because it is the best fit for medical and recreational users of cannabis as it contains very good levels of THC. tall indoors and up to 120 cm. So enjoy responsibly this strain will cause couch lock. Pack of 10 Regular seeds. Larry OG s other strain children include Bloo s Kloos and Dolla Sign OG Kush. Mk Ultra Indica. True OG Liquid Live Cartridge. CSATC is the only NJ dispensary carrying cannabis infused topicals and lozenges along with a large selection of different strains. The effects of this strain can last up to three hours and can relieve stress depression and anxiety. ABX is the leader in strain specific full spectrum cannabis oil vape cartridges. It was created by genetically combining OG Kush and Strawberry Cough. 00 We encourage all customers to follow the laws set forth by their Country State Province and local municipalities. Cannabis newbies be warned Chem Dawg tends to be very potent. Looks. The offspring of two powerful legendary strains Skywalker OG is a balance of sweet and berry with sour and citrusy. Lineage Sour Diesel x OG x Citrus City OG F4 Sativa Leaning Hybrid Flowering Time 60 days nbsp It sets the standard when it comes to citrus strains. Expect Body sedation paired with a head high. Sativa Dominant 70 30. Cannabis Strains Overview Buy. The breeders of this kush remain unknown. Type Hybrid Genetics Hindu Kush Pine x Earthy x Woody Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Sleepy x Uplifted quot 42 quot Citrus Sour OG quantity Add to cart SKU 42FT0051 Categories quot 42 quot Regular Seeds Tags bred by 42 Citrus City OG Citrus Sour Og Hybrid Lemon OG OG Regular Sativa sour d Sour Diesel Sour OG The strain has the incredible aroma of cherry candy with a touch of citrus. The aroma also includes specific notes of lemon and orange along with sweet and sour smells. In many ways the strain has the stereotypical dank smell people generally associate with cannabis. It was bred in California though its intense flavor high THC content and relaxing pain relieving properties have made it a highly sought after strain in many parts of the United States. smokey hash like and diesel flavor of strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It is 70 Indica and 30 Sativa. If the name doesn t conjure a nightmare it s not making Animal Donation Advocate Inc. Red eyes and cotton mouth side effects may occur. This strain will leave users feeling mellow relaxation of both body and mind an uplifted mood and functional cerebral that allows for focus and concentration. The musty scent of OG Kush brings to mind a leisurely stroll through a beautiful forest rich with all the scents of plant life growing wild. The taste of the Jesus OG strain can be quite strong and overwhelming especially to beginner cannabis smokers. Breeders often claim Master Kush and Lemon Joy are the cultivar 39 s parents. God Bud. With its classic OG scent of fuel and citrus Boss OG nbsp Wonder Weed from quot 42 quot is an Indica Leaning Hybrid with Lineage Northern Lights x G13 x Golden Lemons x Dosidos x Golden Lemons . The flavor of this strain is reminiscent of the best OG Kush has to offer. This pot is very strong with THC levels topping 20 Presidential OG is not the best choice for beginners. Smell. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The plants have a touch of purple colour. SFV OG Strain has an enticing aroma of sweet skunky citrus fruits. Jan 30 2020 The OG Kush Breath strain is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies GSC . Rumors suggest the strains lineage are Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Old World Paki Kush. Orange Kush is an Indica dominant cannabis strain that is a cross of Orange Bud and OG Kush. Genetics A Predominantly Indica strain that grows into a shorter bushier plant with a more calming and body high effect. Skywalker OG Strain Information Skywalker Marijuana Strain. Due to its potent effects Primus May 21 2020 OG Kush Lemon OG Kush Godfather OG White OG that s just a small list of the enormous number of strains with OG in their name. Most experts classify the OG Kush strain as a hybrid although little is actually known about its strain genetic origins rumors cbd the strain may be a blend between parent plants Chemdawg and Hindu Kush. Orange Kush Orange Kush is an Indica dominant cannabis strain that is a cross of Orange Bud and OG Kush. Twisted Citrus is a strain that like Agent Orange tends to lead towards Sativa dominance. It s bold earthy flavors pair exceptionally well with traditional vegetables. Users should expect resiny buds flecked with red and purple and a confectionary floral aroma that blooms into citrus at the exhale. From Bubba Kush to Purple Kush to Zoey Kush but according to Google OG Kush is leafly s most popular strain. Some believe it was created with a Northern Californian strain known as Emerald Tr Yoda OG is a potent phenotype of the popular OG Kush strain. For the best experience on directory site be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The level of Sativa genes in the plant makes it grow higher in length compared to other auto strains. Pungent and sharp you ll be able to smell this strain from a mile away. Discover and learn more about these kinds of different marijuana strains on Leafly. What color does Lime OG have The buds of Lime OG are forest green with burnt orange pistils that wind through its flowers. Recent Jan 30 2020 The OG Kush Breath strain is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies GSC . This auto strain will grow in all environments reaching about 60 cm. Citrus Kush grows medium sized green buds full of trichomes and amber hairs. Seeds Cannabis Seeds 545 cannabis strains with taste Citrus. 5 Chemdawg 91Super Skunk Diesel Lemon Oaky Sour Earthy Durban Poison Strain 15 20 0. Sativa Weed Strains Picture Strain THC Content CBD Content Origin Lineage Aromas Flavors Sour Diesel Strain 20 22 0. Ghost OG marijuana induces relaxed euphoric and happy feeling. When cured buds of True OG emit a rich odor of crushed pine needles mixed with skunk. The Ghost OG strain is a highly rated cut of OG Kush read more about OG Kush here winning a series of awards. For instance you can find hybrid strains capable of fighting inflammation and pain that still provide an energy boost. Oct 29 2019 This popular strain s recognizable earthy pine and sweet citrus are well known by cannabis connoisseurs everywhere. Leafly Citrus Kush flower. This is one of our best strains and isn 39 t a commonly known strain. The intense high hits quickly with a buzzy body high and bright euphoria. quot 42 quot Citrus Sour OG quantity Add to cart SKU 42FT0051 Categories quot 42 quot Regular Seeds Tags bred by 42 Citrus City OG Citrus Sour Og Hybrid Lemon OG OG Regular Sativa sour d Sour Diesel Sour OG lt br gt It is a cross of the Sour Diesel marijuana strain and an Afghan indica marijuana strain. Citrus Kush is a fresh and fruity blast for the senses. it also has spicy sweet and woody flavors. This strain is resistant to most pests and mold and has long dense buds w Ghost OG is a hybrid strain known for its epically high levels of THC. OG Kush x Sour Diesel. This strain is a cross between OG Kush x Northern Lights auto. But don t over feed her. May 21 2020 This sweet and flavorful strain is 75 Indica making for mellow and manageable sedation. Normally any strain with the letters OG in are from the OG Kush plant. Ghost OG has been known to help battle anxiety and depression while also helping to promote sleep. The Fire OG is definitely the predominant aroma and flavor present in this cut with a perfect slightly spicy OG flavor rife with gingery citrus terpenes and a kerosene like kick that comes out when it 39 s disturbed. OG Kush strain thrives in hot and tropical climatic As the name suggests hybrid strains are a mixture of two or more cannabis strains and provide a combination of body and head high. Her intense uplifting effects will help you take on the day with confidence. Sep 06 2020 Citrus Sap is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Gorilla Glue 4 X Tangie strains. A Phat Panda original Panda OG is the preferred choice for a cerebrally long lasting experience coupled with a steady cannabis high thanks to its solid genetic parentage both OG Chem and Berry Sour Creme both sativa dominant strains. The result was a hybrid with a unique terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma with notes of fuel skunk and spice. Ghost OG THC level is 15 20 . Fire OG has come from a cross between OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. Jan 13 2016 This is an OG Kush for all OG Kush fans. With the ability to uplift and send users into a blissful state of being medical users often treat stress and depression with this strain. Where Did it Come From SFV OG started out as a phenotype of OG Kush. Originating from Florida OG Kush was first cultivated during the early 1990s. Face Off OG is a very potent indica OG Kush strain. All strains that taste like citrus. An old school favorite maintained since the early 90 s this OG Kush Strain is considered to be TRUE OG Learn More Monster Cookies Citrus Cookies. It is available in piney fuel and citrus flavors. This is a cross between OG KUSH x Face OFF OG. Sticky silver white trichomes also cover the buds. Known for it s intense high and orange citrus aroma Orange Kush is perfect for Indica lovers that need something to help them relax after a long day. But we can also observe orange on the bud. Named after the famous serial killer that terrorized London in 1888. Godfather OG strain is powerful with THC levels that have been measured as high as 28 this strain is an offer you can t refuse. With its classic OG scent of fuel and citrus Boss OG produces heavy yields making it an ideal strain for commercial growers and discerning patients alike. 05 0. A list of cannabis strains that have a citrus smell or taste. Fire OG is one of the strongest OG cannabis strains on the market today. Slightly floral sharp marijuana with a creamy finish. The top reported aromas of the Church OG strain are earthy herbal and spiced pine. Jan 11 2017 Like many famous strains that have come before it this flower offers cannabis enthusiasts citrus and herbal flavors maintaining some of that woody dankness. . This weed is very common in the music industry especially hip hop and reggae. Saturn OG is a hybrid strain with mysterious beginnings but its earthy citrus and diesel flavors confirms its close relationship to OG Kush. Strain Name Citrus Grade B Type Casey Jones x Super Lemon Haze Looks Has slight orange hairs and is very dense. OG Kush was first cultivated in Florida in the early 90s when a strain from Northern California was crossed with a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam. Skywalker OG also known as quot Skywalker OG Kush quot to many members of the cannabis community is an indica dominant hybrid 85 indica 15 sativa strain that is a potent cross between the hugely popular Skywalker X OG Kush strains. Lemon Walker. Skywalker OG. Always lab tested and virtually odorless the Citrus Kush Klear Kart by Tree Base also presents one the most potent offerin. Known for it 39 s intense high and orange citrus aroma Orange nbsp Looking for Citrus Lemon Genetics and a list of strains that contain Lemon in their breeding check out this DNA Genetics Lemon OG Kush Fem 6 Weed Seeds nbsp 15 Aug 2019 Known for being a high THC cannabis hybrid Lemon OG Kush strain tastes and smells like citrus while producing large yields in an average nbsp A potent Hybrid Sativa cross of Tangie and Kosher Kush consuming too This popular OG Kush pheno has a rich citrus flavor complimented by a pinch of pine. Larry OG also called Lemon Larry is yet another member of the famous ocean grown family. Her strong citrus smell and crystal covered buds hint at this strain s extremely potent genetics. In Stock. Kush has many varieties and names but the OG strain and its lemon citrus scent make it a great strain to fit the citrus terpene nbsp Wonder Weed from quot 42 quot is an Indica Leaning Hybrid with Lineage Northern Lights x G13 x Golden Lemons x Dosidos x Golden Lemons . Citrus Farmer is a sativa leaning medicinal strain that can be used to relieve conditions such as chronic fatigue depression anxiety glaucoma or eye pressure and poor appetite. It is an Indica dominated strain and it is known for being 501st OG is a hybrid strain bred by Rare Darkness which is also a result of two other hybrid strains Rare Darkness 1 and Skywalker OG. 501st OG has an earthy sweet flavor of tropical fruity with a twist of sour of citrus fruits while having a Smooth taste that retains the sweetness after taste of herbal and citrus with an undertone of spicy diesel. Compared to others with earthy and wood like fragrance lemon flavored buds provide a more vibrant experience. A sweet smoke with orange undertones just not as much overall tang flavor as Agent Orange. Oct 12 2020 The Lemon OG Candy strain made from an exciting cross between Super Lemon OG and Amnesia Haze offers precisely that. The Indica traits in this strain provide effective pain relief and can help stimulate the appetites all rounded out by a gentle comedown and restorative sleep. also known as Skywalker Kush to many members of the cannabis community. Blueberry OG is the blend of two of the most distinguished strains of the world. This is a fantastic cultivar that produces high yields of top quality hash and has been coveted by growers Feb 15 2017 This strain takes OG Kush to another dimension providing an enjoyable experience for both the cultivator and consumer. They also have a thick and sticky trichome coating. Strain Flavor Alien OG strain is a very strong plant with its 26 THC. It is coupled with notes of earth pine diesel spice and citrus. For medicinal purposes Citrus Kush is great for users who suffer from chronic fatigue as its energizing properties are high up on the list. While AK 47 s scent is sour and earthy its sweet floral notes can only be fully realized in the taste. This cannabis strain is a product of cross breeding Haze and Lemon OG. Paris OG Strain. Trinity OG smells like citrus lemon and pine. To summarize this strain it s perfect for a smooth high that goes from blissful waves to slowly mellowing out. After smoking just a little bit of Lemon OG Candy the first thing you will notice is a pleasant rush of creativity and mental energy. Taste is sweet and sour and the effect is very sociable and active. True OG can easily be distinguished from other strains because of its powerful and exotic smell. Sep 12 2017 The genetics of this strain are unknown due to breeder secrecy but there are rumors that it is a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. I use a Spectrum King LED 400 in veg and SK600 in Flower. The Lime OG cannabis strain has a scent that is similar to its taste being pungent and sharp with notes of citrus pine and spice. True OG is potent enough for mellow lasting effects combined with a more focused head high. It is certainly one of the most well known cannabis strains on the planet and is a favourite 42 Citrus City F4 x 1980 s OG 60. OG Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid strain of marijuana 75 Indica 25 Sativa . Primus OG is particularly suited for concentrates due to it thick layer of trichomes. Fruity cannabis strains are in high demand these days and lemon the pack is the lemony hybrids. Fire OG cannabis seeds have a strong scent that is similar to lemon pledge. There are a ton of Kush strains out there. The terpenes on this strain produce such a potent aroma that GSC often is lost in some of the nug appeal. For being so full of energy it 39 s also not rare for this ultra relaxing OG Kush variety to sink you straight into the sofa after a few hits. This sativa dominant strain is a great CBD strain from MTG Seeds. While considered a hybrid by many Goji OG s 80 20 sativa to indica ratio all but labels it as a sativa. Negative effects includes Dry eyes cotton mouth. Its different flavors give very specific tastes to the smoker. It tastes great sweet and This is a cross between OG KUSH x Face OFF OG. Berry White Indica. It 39 s obviously an OG Kush relative hence the name Malibu OG. Terpene Strain Profiles Flavor Infused Strain Profiles Flavor Infused Strain Profiles are formulated using the same strain analyses as our classic strains and are then rebuilt molecule by molecule to highlight each strain s most desirable flavor characteristics. A sativa dominant phenotype of our Pure Sunshine. Nov 07 2019 The Fire OG Kush strain is classified as a hybrid but it is an Indica dominant strain. Friendly Farms True OG is a popular indica strain. The light green buds of the Lemon Kush are covered in deliciously frosted trichomes which certainly proved mouthwatering for us. Kush Vs. Flowering Time 8 9 weeks . Sour Diesel. 04 THC content. 42 Citrus City F4 x 1980 s OG 60. It is known for having a sweet blueberry and citrus flavor. 26 Aug 2020 OG Kush is a sativa dominant strain. Perfect for writers painters and mu This OG strain is a heavily sought after medicine. What Oct 02 2020 Master OG is a 50 50 hybrid strain with potent indica features that will blow you away. Effects Slight headaches and small illusions. OG Kush is considered to be a hybrid which depending on the breeding procedure can either lean towards Sativa or Indica. OG Kush Strain Even those who aren t familiar with the world of cannabis have often heard of the OG Kush strain. Its origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery. First timers beware smoking too much of this strain will cause dome unwanted side effects. Nov 27 2019 Church OG is an indica marijuana strain that has a lasting cerebral effect. Worldwide discreet delivery. Larry OG is a strong strain that elicits a full body buzz and alertness. The skunky citrus flavour draws you in immediately and the happy energetic buzz will shake you out of any funk. The large dense nugs are covered in light orange hairs producing a distinct earthy smell and taste. Amnesia OG marijuana induces relaxed uplifted and euphoric feeling. OG. This celebrity child boasts an insanely high average THC level of 24 and took home the overall prize at the 2010 and the 2014 Cannabis Cup. So you get all the OG Kush and Haze that you want. The herbs exact CBD and THC 20 Apr 2020 If you love the flavor of citrus these cannabis strains are for you. Here s how Cali Connection describes the chemovar Aug 05 2020 Created by Denver breeder Ethos Genetics OG Lime Killer is a mix of Starkiller OG also a Denver strain and Lemon OG Haze a Las Vegas hybrid with a reputation for ramping productivity when Oct 13 2020 Although OG Kush needs a bit more warmth making it a good candidate for indoor growing it s still one of the easiest hybrid strains you can grow. The Red Congolese X Cherry Punch plants have small oval shaped and dense buds with thin fiery and orange hairs. Indica Citrus With a satisfying taste of crisp pine and sage enveloped with spicy citrus undertones this timeless strain is an instant energy booster. The true Fire OG is available in Stay current on the latest cannabis news medical marijuana research and cannabis culture. It takes about 90 days to harvest and in this time you can enjoy a yield of about 400 grams per meter square. Feminized These seeds are guaranteed to grow into Female plants all plants end up producing potent buds. Taste Like an orange. But what does it really mean Many say the term originated when Reefer Man of the hip hop group Cyprus Hill Gang tried some LA Kush in the mid 90s loved it and started calling it OG Kush out of respect. Tahoe OG Kush is a descendant of the following strains San Fernando Valley OG Kush OG Kush Afghani Aromas Flavors Tahoe OG Kush has tastes and fragrances which have been described as lemon citrus spiciness oak wood fresh pine and earthiness. Amnesia OG flavor profile is citrus cheese pungent and the aroma can be sweet. Citrus Kush is a moderately potent THC levels reported testing as high as 17. Its smoke can be a little harsh on the lungs so if this bothers you it might be a good strain to try vaping instead. Flavor packed tasty orange citrus The original source of powerhouse strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush Chem Dawg is known for its distinct diesel like aroma. Where does Mystery OG come from Mystery OG is believed to be originally cultivated by Trinity Gardens Collective. Oct 13 2020 Although OG Kush needs a bit more warmth making it a good candidate for indoor growing it s still one of the easiest hybrid strains you can grow. Curaleaf Dispensary formerly known as Compassionate Sciences ATC is located at 111 Coolidge Ave Bellmawr NJ 08031. The Lemon OG Kush cannabis strain is a hybrid that resulted from crossing a cut of Lemon Skunk from Las Vegas with a cut of OG Kush. Purple Candy. Lemon OG is a slightly Indica dominant hybrid that resulted from crossing a cut of Lemon Skunk from Las Vegas with a cut of OG Kush. The smoke is smooth with a light and bright citrus taste. Crafted in house at Dark Heart Nursery Boss OG is an OG Kush phenotype sharing similarities with Fire OG. 3 CBD. The breeders of this kush remain unknown. Strong head high and potent pain relief. Due to it 39 s deep sedative effects many who suffer from insomnia also appreciate how well it works to aid in a good night s sleep. OG Kush CBD has classic OG Kush woody pine and lemon profiles with hints of diesel and warm spices. nj curaleaf. Effects White OG induces an epic cerebral high paired with a full body buzz that leads to heavy sedation and almost certain couch lock expect a functionality level of somewhere between zero and none. Panda OG is spicy yet earthy its flavor s sour with slight berry overtones. The Kush and OG strains are both Cannabis Sativa strains even though each has outstanding characteristics. This strain will leave you feeling sabotaged but will still get your mind racing This is a mixture of an unknown indica and OG Kush creating and OG dominant bud witch carries an overpowering scent of pine and citrus with nuce fuel undertones. Where Haze strains are dominant in sativa hybrids Kush strains top the indica world. You have to control well the amount of water in the subtrate because citrus OG has a tendency to drink more water that the average cannabis strains. Its sticky buds have an enticing lemony citrus aroma and taste with a nbsp As its name suggests this terpene conveys an aroma of citrus grapefruit lemon Strainprint users rate Girl Scout Cookies from Canna Farms Blueberry Kush nbsp 10 May 2012 Strain Overview A toothsome Kush cannabis crossbreed concoction of citrus lemon and maybe some Master Kush influences. This hybrid kush is cultivated in little dense buds that nbsp This strain boasts tangy sweet citrus and earthy notes with a hint of spice Sour Diesel is a somewhat special plant in the OG Kush Chem Dawg lineage. Classification Indica. It has 19 THC which is reasonably high and low CBD levels. We do not grow sell or distribute medical marijuana. People who like to end their night with a toke will love Fire OG. THC 18 24 . Citrus Kush. 0 Totals above represent the average amounts you can expect to find available from this strain. PHOTO Gracie Malley 1. Tangerine OG is a hybrid strain with flowers that smell bright like fresh citrus fruit. This diesel version is rich in CBD compared to other diesel strains which is great for patients that need help dealing with the effects of chemotherapy inflammation and muscle spasms to name a few conditions. middot With THC levels ranging from 16 18 nbsp Citrus is the dominant aroma and flavor giving this strain its name. We love covering UK bred cannabis strains as nbsp The strain has some distant Kush relatives so it can smell like skunk or have diesel fuel undertones. Top 10 Citrus Strains To Start Your Saturday Morning. The herbs exact CBD and THC levels remain a mystery. The aroma and flavour is bold and attention grabbing. Nov 04 2019 Kosher OG also known as Kosher Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is said to be the first strain to be blessed by a rabbi. It is an Indica dominated strain and it is known for being easy to grow very high yielding and easily manageable and compact. 2 Shiva SkunkHazeNorthern Lights Popular Strains OG Kush Grand Daddy Purple Sour Diesel Blue Dream Pineapple Express Medical Marijuana Strains is a user submitted medical marijuana strain review encyclopedia. Tropicana Cookies is an upbeat strain with citrus terpenes Can turn purple in cooler temperatures. This strain also has some pungent earthy fires with hints of pine and oil. When smoked the flavor is earthy and sweet on the inhale with more pungent jet fuel like flavors reminiscent of Chemdawg or Sour Diesel peeking Capable of producing upo to 3 to 6 oz per square foot Jesus OG is considered a high yielding strain ideal and great for seasonal growers. It is said to have been created by crossing Master Kush with lush strain Empress Kush resulting in a sour smelling and citrus tasting hybrid flower that grows into an average yielding medium sized plant. OG Kush strain has unique blended flavours of lemon citrus pine herbal and woody. Up and down the West Coast there will always be immense popularity with cuts of OG Kush. 16. Sep 12 2019 OG Kush s stunning potency and highly specific overpowering aroma blend a gassy diesel fuel smell with conifer and citrus notes. Expect to smell pine earth citrus and other sweet notes when grinding those beautiful buds up. The exact lineage of this bud isn t clear cut but it is thought to be a pleasing combination of Chemdawg Lemon Thai Old World Pki Kush. We aim to comply with all applicable website accessibility standards. Leafs are quite big. This strain s family history remains something of a mystery. This perfect combination of the legendary Chem D and SFV OG cuts embodies everything you want from both parents. 2 Mar 2018 OG Kush x Blueberry hybrid with berry scent Citrus flavour which is present in some local strains from Asia or South America comes from a nbsp 7 Aug 2019 What Are the Best Citrus Strains middot Super Lemon Haze middot Tangerine Dream middot Rainbow Sherbert middot Lemon Skunk middot Clementine. 28 Mar 2020 Lemon Mac is arguably the most delicious sativa strain on the West Coast. It relief for patients who suffer from anxiety Diablo OG Strain has an indoor flowering time of 6 7 weeks and took second place at the 2002 BC Harvest Cup in the outdoor category. It s a hybrid strain known for its 50 50 balanced cerebral and body effects with the ability to treat pain anxiety depression and insomnia. 100 pure cannabis oil available in CCELL technology. Since last year the child of Clementine and Purple Punch bred by Symbiotic Genetics has been exploding in popularity d The Jesus OG is aptly named providing patients with a divine level of relief after partaking. Summary of Kush Vs. Twisted Citrus. It was made by crossing San Fernando Valley OG Kush and OG Kush. Citrus City OG Bred by 42 got beans from Neptune Seed Bank. This bud delivers great Banana OG Type Banana OG is a hybrid of the following strains Banana Kush OG Kush Banana OG is a double Kush. OG Kush and Purple Kush give Purple OG Kush a grape berry flavor paired with a piney earthiness. It produces short compact little plants that yield decent amounts with just a short period of flowering. Newer smokers and those with low tolerance should enjoy with caution it is very potent. The flavors on the smoke are real present this is citrus and fruit and sweet but it 39 s really marijuana. Energetic. It may help alleviate stress depression and muscle spasms. This strain is known to uplift you giving you a mind buzz slowly leading you into a sedative cozy state as the best way to end the night. Despite the hint of moisture in this batch s aroma I was able to detect the presence of the lemon citrus of the Lemon Skunk strain which carried over into its taste. Not all Kush genetics are referred to as such. Citrus is an f1 hybrid and great care has nbsp Citrus Kush cannabis strain is a 70 30 Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. She has an extremely loud terpene profile consisting of pine citrus with an overpowering pungency. Add to cart. The nbsp A list of cannabis strains that have a citrus smell or taste. Huge selection of recreational marijuana products and MMJ medical consultant available in store. quot 42 quot Citrus City OG F5 quantity Add to cart SKU 42FT0070 Categories quot 42 quot Regular Seeds Tags bred by 42 Citrus City F4 Hybrid indica dominant OG Regular Abusive OG strain is a great Indica marijuana with high CBD concentration. 17 Feb 2017 I absolutely love the OG Kush marijuana strain. If you buy this mix pack of OG strains you will quickly understand why. This strain provides an even balance of cerebral and body effects that will relax and calm both body and mind. Sep 18 2020 The heavy effects make it a solid choice for the end of the day. May Relieve OG Kush Strain New Updated Review. Top 35 most popular weed strains on leafly 1. Alien OG is a beautifully balanced hybrid strain. This strain is provided by West Coast Hollistics in California. In the common parlance of combusting cannabis users grind Flower before smoking packing or decarbing it as ground cannabis burns more evenly and can be much more easily manipulated be it in a bowl or measured in a cup and poured onto a baking sheet. Save the Purple OG Kush for nighttime tokes as it will leave you feeling sleepy relaxed and for lack of a better term hazey. Its undocumented origins result in this strain being labeled as indica sativa and everything in between but its effects are most commonly described as hybrid like in its balanced calm and moderate In either case OG strains of marijuana are well known for their top quality and popularity. Patients report Candy OG Strain making them happy and euphoric while taking care of their aches and pains. Amnesia OG THC level is under review. High octane floral citrus aromas emanate from the gorgeous buds of the Ghost OG. Mystery OG means that this cannabis strain is an OG Kush strain in which the other parent strain is unknown. 02 South African Sativa Sweet Earthy Pine Lemon Citrus Jack Herer Strain 18 23 0. This isn t a purely indica strain rather an indica dominant hybrid born from Hawaiian and Purple Skunk strains. Consistently testing around 30 percent THC if you are looking for which weed has the most THC consider your question answered. Church OG is a strain of mysterious origins thought to be a hybrid of God s Gift and OG Kush. Consumers find this strain to be best for nighttime smoke sessions. The genetic backbone of West The distinctive aroma of OG Kush Strain is rich with earthy overtones of pine and citrus. Fire OG has a primarily pungent citrus scent with just a hint of spice. This strain catches consumer 39 s attention the second the jar it popped open. 9 at the Cannabis Cup. Smell Like a lemon. Mandarin OG brings on the citrus with a juicy orangey flavor accented by a smooth and spicy exhale. Its exceptional piney lemon sour and earthy aromas make this strain irresistible. The breeders created the strain as a combination of C4 and OG Kush. Apr 20 2019 Trinity OG is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a sativa indica ratio of 75 25 that has a devoted following despite its rarity. It has sticky dense resin coated buds with yellowish green leaves. Delicious notes of citrus with fruit undertones are noticed. PR OG Indica A classic strain. This plant the seed is only available through the use of cloning. Swerve of The Cali Connection noticed this little beauty and cultivated it Kush varieties also became a favorite for their potent long lasting effects citrus flavor and skunky odor. SFV OG Kush Strain has earned the respect of many growers and is SFV OG Strain now known as one of the tastiest and most potent members of the Kush family. This child of Lemon G and OG Kush Strain Hybrid Cannabinoids THC 20 CBD lt 1 Terpenes Caryophyllene Mycene Liononene OG Kush Terpene Profile Caryophyllene Peppery Myrcene Herbal Limonene Citrus OG Kush Marijuana Strain Information OG Kush is the OG. is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization based in Orange County California. What does Mystery OG smell like Mystery OG smells of a pine tree forest with some skunk and lemon citrus undertones. Browse through our variety of Derived from a potent blend of OG Kush Lime OG tastes like you guessed it lime with an undertaste of kush and herb. OG Comparison Table . Skywalker Alien. This top marijuana strain finished first in the Indica category at the 2013 Cannabis Cup in California and in 2016 it broke the previous Cannabis Cup record of 32. Marijuana Strains With Purple Punch Genetics SFV OG was first created by the grower Swerve at Cali Connection Farms in the San Fernando Valley. Breeders are busily trying to create all encompassing strains capable of alleviating a number of medical problems. The common usage of OG Kush includes depression anxiety nausea pain loss of appetite. Not much is known about its lineage though we do know that it s a member of the OG Kush family thanks to its funky earthy odor that is highly reminiscent of the famed OG Kush strain. Apr 27 2020 An OG Kush and unknown high CBD strain cross created by Dinafem Seeds OG Kush CBD registers a close to 1 1 to 2 1 ratio of CBD to THC. a cross of the tangy California Sour X Lost Coast OG strains. Discover wide variety of cannabis banks and seeds. Skywalker OG is the perfect example of how the citrus flavors can stand out in a cross with OG Kush. Lineage Citrus City OG x Citrus City OG. High calyx to leaf ratio makes this high yielding F1 hybrid the perfect choice for those who like to make concentrates. A great review should include flavor aroma effect and helpful health ailments. Price 0. It has a light hoppy smell which might remind you of a quality beer rich with hops. Concentrate at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup this strain can help ease depression while boosting energy. With THC levels that can reach 20 Trinity delivers a potent head high that can clear away the blues. Product Grade A Flower Lineage Chem Dawg 91 x Super Skunk Genetics 80 Sativa 20 Indica A sativa leaning OG Kush phenotype that appeared in the California clone scene circa 2003. Banana Kush Black Lime Blue Cheese Blue Dream Blue Zkittles Cherry Pie The aroma of Diamond OG is pleasant but potent smelling of tangy citrus and fresh pine and cedar with undertones of peppery spice and a light diesel odor that shows its OG Kush roots. It has a pleasing combination of a pine like cedar taste and a light citrus twist. 1 888 441 4949 Translations of the phrase ALL STRAINS from english to danish and examples of the use of quot ALL STRAINS quot in a sentence with their translations being free of xanthomonas campestris all strains pathogenic to Citrus should be Sep 27 2020 These days the majority of cannabis cup winners and strains that have received recognition are bound to have a fruity flavor profile. Excellent for the occasional cannabis consumer it provides the perfect balance between a pleasant body high meets clear headed stress reliever. Users also enjoy it for its sweet citrus aroma and its effects which can help treat muscle spasms chronic pain and anxiety. As the name implies this indica dominant hybrid has a deep citrus aroma with darker muskier tones that support the theory of some Master Kush genetics. It is generally believed that it is derived from the Chemdawg strain. It may help alleviate stress pain and depression. OG Kush CBD 1 Single Tin Contractor 39 s State License Board. With its amazing looks smell and taste its no wonder that this strain is almost guaranteed to be sold out at your local dispensary. Super Lemon Haze. Dinafem reports an average CBD level of 10 but OG Kush CBD reached 15. Description This strain looks gorgeous. 2 0. com Apr 27 2020 An OG Kush and unknown high CBD strain cross created by Dinafem Seeds OG Kush CBD registers a close to 1 1 to 2 1 ratio of CBD to THC. Blueberry OG cannabis strain is a cross between OG Kush and Blueberry rich in CBD and high medical value. Looking for Seeds Visit Dr. Typically this strain test between 19 25 THC and with up to 0. 01 0. This strain also has some pungent earthy flavors with hints of pine and herbs. Call 844 420 TOPS to order. DNA Genetics has developed Lemon Skunk as great strain for combating depression and stress. Accompanied with a well balanced effect Glueberry OG emerges as useful in the treatment of stress chronic pain depression and anxiety. The result was a sativa dominant strain that wouldn t overwhelm the minds of users. Super OG Master Kush as medication for severe epilepsy that require CBD treatments. Compare up to 5 different strains at one time. When smoked or converted into an edible form the flavor of the Jesus OG strain is best described as Earthy Citrus and Lemon. outdoors and will flourish with 18 hours of light Growing Lemon OG Haze. middot Looks 9. Telephone 856 933 8700 Email info. Sensi Seeds created Jack Herer by combining a pure sativa Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights 5 and Shiva Skunk cross. Orange Kush was bred by Green Devil Genetics and is the child of Orange Bud and OG Kush. OG Kush is quite potent with THC levels reaching 27 . Original Auto OG Kush Next level potency and delicious Kush flavor Description The most powerful autoflower strain from Fast Buds Originals She is easy to grow making her a wise choice for beginner growers. This OG strain is a heavily sought after medicine. Skywalker OG s smell is very Earthy with a hint of citrus and pungent fuel coming through. White Fire Og Hybrid. Aug 16 2020 Find White Fire OG WiFi OG strains. Motor Breath was bred by Pisces Genetics. Feb 17 2018 Citrus Kush may have noble beginnings It 39 s a descendant of original Kush plants from the Afghan mountains. In fact a multitude kush subsequent phenotypes have been bred from OG Kush the majority of them Citrus Skunk was conceived from two separate Skunk phenotypes that displayed exceptionally zesty lemon traits. Orange Sativa is technically the Orange Cookies strain. Indica Sativa Indica Leaning Hybrid. 1 Nearby . OGKB is high in caryophyllene which is said to be useful for inflammation. OG Kush. THG is Tacoma 39 s best boutique medical marijuana and recreational cannabis i502 retailer. Cultivation Malibu OG Cali weed. Basically it s a very creative weed. Its flavors are spiced lemon herbs and citrus. View All Strains. May 27 2020 A cross between XXX OG x Alpha OG Grandfather OG reeks of pungent pine with a hint of grape. Cannabis Flower refers to the smokable section of the cannabis plant also known as nuggets nugs or bud. Reminiscent of Texas Hash Plant the sativa leaning hybrid is sweet pungent lush and sour. Consuming in this strain will prove a flavorful experience with a citrus floral kushy sweetness that is complex and deep. Strain Flavor . Pine and citrus carry through to the flavor but the overwhelming taste is blueberries. Flowering time 8 9 nbsp Chem Dog can trace its roots back to the well known strains Kush Hash Plant but it will knock your socks off with flavors reminiscent of sweet earthy citrus. OG Kush is a cross of two other strains including Hindu Kush and a supposedly quot unknown quot pre 1990 39 s California strain. An indica dominant hybrid Ghost OG is known for its calming effects invoking a heavy body high that can alleviate pain depression and stress. Valley OG is a 60 40 indica dominant hybrid cross between OG Kush and SFV OG San Fernando Valley OG . This Sativa strain is also great to consume when listening to creativity and actually increases creativity. OG has a memorable aroma of earthy woody pine with a hint of sour spice and a taste of pungent woody Presidential OG marijuana strain is a well balanced Indica hybrid. Originally created in Orange County this indica is a cross between OG Kush and SFV OG. Breading Cannabis Strains Limonene is an uplifting and invigorating citrus smelling terpene. The smell is just as addictive with fresh orange and herbs accented by spicy earth. The Lemon OG Kush Strain is a long time crowd favorite which makes sense when you look at the genetics. Lemon OG Auto is 50 50 Indica Sativa Hybrid is the successful marriage between Master Kush and Lemon Joy. The nugs are olive green round and fluffy with dark hairs and a coating of shiny white crystal trichomes. Yield Above average. As the name implies this indica dominant hybrid has a deep citrus aroma with darker muskier tones Oct 08 2020 Amnesia Kush is a sativa dominant strain that features flavors and aromas of pine sweetness citrus and lemon in addition to 20 THC and 0. The high from this strain is strong and narcotic and will quickly melt away all the troubles of the day. The body buzz is long lasting and intensely physical suggesting this is a relatively potent Aroma Classic OG aroma is potent and lemony Taste Rich citrus amp musk flavor. Sunshine OG X Pura Vida. This is an indica dominant hybrid with a sativa indica ratio of at least 30 70. Lemon Og Cannabis Strains Overview Buy. Amnesia OG is classified as a Sativa cannabis strain. It includes all the good properties of the parents but has a more compact growth and autoflowering genetics. Primus OG has thick and frosty buds which secrete citrus sour and earthy aromas. Jul 08 2020 15. plant attributes that are also true for the mother strain OG Jun 23 2020 This strain has found so much popularity in part to its potent yet manageable high. 13 percent THC with the test revealing a staggering 34. 0 nbsp Strain Citrus Berry Citrus Berry is a strain that patients enjoy during the day to boost mood relieve depression and get that creative boost Orange Valley OG nbsp Have you ever taken a whiff of some Lemon OG and asked yourself how or citrus cosmetics you 39 re probably better off steering clear of the strains listed above. And it is said to taste like lemon pine and tangy citrus. She has a pungent sour black liquorish smell that transforms into a delicious earthy citrus taste. The flavor of the Jesus OG strain can be best described as smooth and a bit sweet with a combination of pine citrus and tangy tastes that lingers in your taste buds. Break them open and the aroma becomes pleasantly skunky. Larry OG produces a potent yet easy body buzz that will allow you to relax while getting things done. Balanced against sweet herbs and hints of wood this is a real OG Citrus Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain. Tropicana Cookies As the name implies our Citrus OG has a deep citrus aroma with kush tones coming from our Codeine kush genetics. Ilera Healthcare is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience regardless of technology or ability. Effects of diablo og are Postive effects includes euphoria relax. Look for this experience to move on to the body with increased use. In stock quot 42 quot Citrus City OG F5 quantity. Ghost OG Kush is often described as both potent and non intrusive at the same time. This strain will leave users feeling an immediate boost of energizing euphoria that slowly melts into intense relaxation and possibly drowsiness. Oct 16 2020 This strain also has a refreshing and revitalizing taste primarily of tangy lemon with notes of pine and citrus. 26 Jul 2020 Citrus Tsunami 9 by Rythm The Citrus Tsunami 9 by Rythm is an energetic Inflammation or Stress the Citrus Tsunami by Rythm may be a strain for you. Blueberry notes are underscored by pine and hash with cured buds emitting delicate hints of citrus. OG Strain Indica OG also commonly known as OG Kush to most members of the cannabis community is a 100 pure indica hybrid strain with unknown genetics although it is commonly thought to be a cross of LA Kush X SFV OG. The strain isn t any more susceptible to pests and disease than most but always be sure to monitor your humidity levels with Jerry OG to avoid moldy flowers. Bred with genetics from the legendary OG Kush strain it s sure to leave you in a fully relaxed state. This classic cultivar bred from Iranian crossed with Snow Lotus relaxes the mind and body as it elevates your emotions to a state of euphoria. Flower Cycle 9 9 1 2 weeks. A well Reeking of fresh citrus fruits and an earthy wholeness Fire OG is as relaxing for the senses as a day spent soaking up relentless amounts of LA sunshine. This strain has undertones of pungent crisp citrus and evergreen scents. It tastes great sweet and Aug 29 2018 Pucker s unique blend of earthy citrus notes are primed for the A list. Ghost OG is a pain relieving hybrid strain that produces flowers that smell sweet and earthy like pine with a hint of citrus. Mar 30 2020 This indica dominant strain is a cross between OG Kush and SFV OG strains. It has that distinctive Gorilla Glue taste blended with the fruitiness of the White Slipper. Terpenes High on Caryophyllene Humulene with hints of Limonene and Linalool. Ancient OG. It 39 s a strain that has been around for quite awhile and is popular just about anywhere and. This has a pungent gassy aroma paired with hint of citrus notes on the exhale. Often confused with the Dutch Passion strain Skywalker this phenotype also called Sativa OG is said to have gotten its moniker after being largely propagated by a grower named Luke. 700 to 900 grams per square meters Flavors Citrus and fruity flavors OG Auto is an autoflowering hybrid of two dessert strains Gelato and OG Kush Auto. In essence the difference is strain the marijuana of oolong tea and that of lemonade. A familiar flavor of Earth pine and citrus make up the terpene profile of Ancient OG. Jul 26 2019 Because OG Kush is one of the most popular and well known strains of all time some CBD brands are now using the OG Kush terpene profile to give their product a distinct if not memorable taste and aroma. GG 4 x Tangie. Like most sativas this is a strain that delivers significant doses of happiness and good feelings all around. The THC level ranges between 17 and 24 percent with a nbsp 24 Apr 2019 When the Lemon Tree crew first started growing their singular cannabis strain almost 15 years ago it was locals only thing for a group of nbsp . The top reported aromas of Lemonhead OG are sugar citrus and damp pine. On Sale. Patients love Candy OG Strain for its sweet smell and Candy taste. Sabotage OG is a Terrapin Original that is a cross of Gorilla Glue amp White Slipper This is a very potent Indica dominant hybrid that is blasted with sparkling trichomes. Citron OG has a balanced head and body high that is accompanied with a pungent citrusy aroma. As you inhale the taste is sweet and refreshing. Because it is dominated by Indica it is known to give consumers a powerful body high which will most likely result in the consumer sitting for a few hours on the couch with their feet up. Ghost OG flavor profile is citrus earthy pungent and the aroma can be earthy sweet. This weed is a heavy handed sedative with a bright orange fire colored hairs hence the name Fire OG. The Diablo OG Strain is a mild mannered Hybrid. 12 Regular Seeds. The earthy spicy notes are paired perfectly with a blast of lemon citrus that is seriously drool worthy. Here is our list of the best fruity cannabis strains. It is a indica dominant hybrid that produces smooth expansive smoke with and odor of pungent diesel and citrus fumes. The flowers are very pungent with sweet pine citrus and hashy aromas. Its aroma is a mixture of pine citrus and pepper. Anyone familiar with Kush recognizes that taste and smell. The banana smell gives way to a strong kick of banana taste said to be even greater than that of Banana Kush. CCELL technology offers improved flavor consistent hits and lets you experience the quality of ABX full spectrum cannabis oil at the next level. The genetic backbone of West The love child of Lemon Skunk and OG 18 our Lemon OG packs a classic OG aroma skunky with hints of pine and citrus. Motor Breath has placed on High Times Magazine 39 s list of Strongest Strains on Earth multiple times and tests at over 28 percent THC. CBD Oil 31 Flowers 37 Pre Rolled 25 Indica Reeking of fresh citrus fruits and an earthy wholeness Fire OG is as fire for the senses as a day spent marijuana up relentless strains of LA sunshine. Lemonhead OG was first bred in Arizona by Royal Choice Farms. This bud is best known for its sweet and sour lemony citrus skunk flavor and pungent sour citrus fl. Its this simplicity that makes it so appealing to both novices and connoisseurs. Regardless the distinction consumers seeking a more potent strain should certainly consider this strain. Black Jesus OG Strain s creation has been a success the potential of clone Tahoe combined with our Black Star Soul selected produces an effect stronger than you could meet. If you want to grow OG Kush yourself it can be matured in both outdoor and indoor environments but the indoor method is preferred because the plants are short and require specific temperatures like 75 Ghost OG is classified as a Hybrid cannabis strain. The effects are hap Primus OG has thick and frosty buds which secrete citrus sour and earthy aromas. It grows into a compact plant with dense green buds and it flowers in as little as 8 9 weeks. When smoked the herb gives off a strong aroma of sour lemons and oranges. Banana Kush descends from Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. Ghost OG has a sweet citrus smell and crystal covered super de The scent of Blue OG buds is complex and fruity. It 39 s more for the cannabis connoisseur than for the cannabis novice. Using 5 gallon grow bags in Royal Gold Tupur. Type Indica Genetics XXX OG x Alpha OG Woody x Earthy x Pungent Happy x Sleepy x Relaxing x Euphoric x Uplifted Master OG. It s an indica dominant hybrid 85 indica 15 sativa strain that is a potent cross between the hugely popular Skywalker X OG Kush strains. It was founded by business owner and animal advocate Joseph Fleishon who serves as the organization s volunteer president chief financial officer and chairman of the board of directors. 1 CBD to be precise. Citrus Kush cannabis strain is a 70 30 Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. But that doesn 39 t mean it 39 s a particularly popular strain itself. This strain has citrus flavors which gives it a tangy taste. It eases the body into relaxation while lifting moods with a sweet and tangy citrus flavor. Category. 45 joyful and optimistic approximately 70 30 Indica Dominant nbsp Let 39 s talk about purity you can see. Lineage BC Sweet Tooth Mendocino Purps. Just started her week of molasses water and True OG is a popular indica strain that was originally bred in Southern California. Sour Diesel Sativa dominant hybrid. Patients feel their mood improving when taking this strain. Jul 29 2020 Citral OG Haze is definitely in the latter category merging together OG Kush and a myriad of citrus strains. Again popular for a strong array of citrus aromas Twisted Citrus really draws users because of the level of THC in the strain that can reach up to 24 . Ghost OG has won herself many awards throughout the years and is a renown strain among consumers and growers alike. So here is everything you could ever possibly want to know about the Citral OG Haze strain. Due to its potent effects Primus OG Kush was first cultivated in Florida in the early 90s when a strain from Northern California was crossed with a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam. Jul 24 2020 Glueberry OG presents a very palatable aroma of blueberry diesel citrus and pine. This strain is another rare example of the citrusy indica but its long lasting euphoria hits many like a sativa. Fire OG Strain Origin. S. Patients report a relaxing high with a pleasant cerebral journey. Mostly Indica Strain. Using full vegamatrix line up with recharge NPK Industries silica and Vitamin B. The company s OG strain tastes remarkably similar to pine nuts making it an ideal accompaniment for use alongside green beans Brussel sprouts cabbage and even sweet potato mash. It is an Indica dominant hybrid that produces smooth expansive smoke with and aroma of pungent diesel and citrus fumes. Surprisingly the indica vs sativa line has been blurred and sativa dominant Kush strains now exist. Super Lemon Haze was the most iconic European sativa of the new millennium s first decade. Medical Benefits of Jesus OG Not to be sacrilegious but many medical marijuana patients will have found their savior in this strain. Jan 16 2012 Banana OG is one of the most euphoric strains I have ever had and honestly has very little resemblance to an OG Kush however its genetics are banana x OG Kush ghost and in forum posts he has said that the banana strain was an old school Skunk 1 x Haze he had breed that had an intense banana smell and this certainly shows in the banana Buy Automatic OG Kush marijuana seeds for sale online I49 Seed Bank sells authentic OG Kush weed seeds and ships direct to your mailbox. This variety is robust present is dominated by the color green. Citrus Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain with indica leaning traits such as deep relaxation and powerful long lasting body effects according to those who have nbsp 17 Apr 2018 quot Refreshingly sharp citrus combines with the savoriness of fresh lemon zest quot Golden Lemons aka Lucky Lemons 7 . A pungent earthy citrus OG Kush reek with a lightly sweet finish. citrus og strain

Citrus og strain