chocolate skunk strain

Auto Chocolate Skunk

Auto Chocolate Skunk, powerful Indica high in auto format

Auto Chocolate Skunk info:
  • Genetics: Auto Chocolate Skunk
  • Genotype: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Taste and aroma: Sweet, intense, fruity hints
  • Effect: Relaxing, psychoactive, couch-locking
  • Flowering time: 70 days from germination
  • Outdoor flowering: April to November
  • Production: 400-450gr/m2
  • THC: High
  • Autoflowering Skunk genetics
  • High potency, only suitbale for connoiseurs
  • 10 weeks of cultivation
  • Complex and very intense flavour

Auto Chocolate Skunk Genetics

Auto Chocolate Skunk by 00 Seeds is the automatic version of the highly acclaimed Chocolate Skunk, a strain that was created from a Critical Mass selection and implemented with the autoflowering gene. This plant preserves the best traits of the original in terms of flavour, production and effect.

Cultivation of Auto Chocolate Skunk

Auto Chocolate Skunk grows vigorously from the beginning, and develops numerous side branches that provide an additional production of buds. It’s easy to grow and only needs a balanced diet and to avoid any excess of water to produce outstanding results.

This strain has a short life cycle of only 65-70 days, and provides large, chunky, compact and resinous buds with a powerful narcotic and cerebral effect. The high relaxes the body and stimulates the mind thanks to this weed’s high THC content of 17%.

Indoor plants can reach 100cm in height and produce 400-450gr/m2. Outdoors, Auto Chocolate Skunk grows to 150cm, produces over 100 grams per plant, and can be grown from April to November.

Automatic strain of high production and vigour

Chocolate Skunk offers the best of Indica genetics with an absolutely delicious taste. A Skunk treat for your garden.

Taste and Effects of Auto Chocolate Skunk

Auto Chocolate Skunk’s taste and aroma stands out for having the same organoleptic load than its ancestor, Chocolate Skunk, in which you find the sweet and fruity flavours of the best Critical on the market.

With its pronounced hash background, the taste will linger in your mouth. The high is clearly relaxing, with a powerful psychoactive effect that knocks out your body and leaves your head in the clouds, thanks to the skunk side of this autoflowering hybrid.

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Auto Chocolate Skunk : Сидбанк Philosopher Seeds

Chocolate Skunk

We invite you to discover Chocolate Skunk, a feminised cannabis strain created by 00 Seeds from a selection of the popular Critical Mass.

This mostly Indica phenotype was selected for its amazing bud production and quality, which were transmitted to the cross.

Chocolate Skunk grows like a Sativa, with abundant side branching and suitable for all types of growing systems and conditions.

It only needs 50-55 days to complete its bloom in indoor grow rooms, reaching 70-100cm in height and yielding 350-450g/m2.

Outdoors, Chocolate Skunk can reach up to 2,5 metres in height, being easy to grow and producing high amounts of top grade buds. It is harvested by early September.

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