choco loco strain


It’s Time to Get Your Flavour On!

  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Potent – 19% THC
  • 450 to 900 gr/m2 Yields
  • Strong Medical Power
  • Candy-Like Flavour
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Fudgy Flavour & Medical-Grade Power? Seconds, Please!

Chocoloco is an unforgettable name for an unforgettable new strain by the legendary Vision Seeds. These potent feminized seeds really will make your wildest weed dreams come true with outstanding yields that can go all the way to 900 gr/m2, an equally impressive 19% THC & a medical-grade effect that’s good for everything from focus to energy.

But, Chocoloco Seeds have one feature that no other bean can match – a rich flavour that really does taste like sweet chocolate and creamy caramel. It’s crazy, but so fabulously true!

  • Chocoloco Takes All Available Space
  • Unless You Take Steps to Keep Her Under Control
  • 450 to 900 gr/m2 Yields – 19% THC
  • Thai Sativa X Chocolope Haze – 90% Sativa

We’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you one more thing about the Vision Seeds Chocoloco strain. This intense, hyper-active blend of Thai Sativa & Chocolope Haze will take every bit of available space if you allow it. Take steps to keep these ladies under control or they’ll be running you instead of you running them. But, if you have the room, go wild! The yields will be well worth it!

When you take a look at the extra-low prices on The Rhino’s Chocoloco seeds, you’ll be totally convinced that he’s finally went completely & utterly nutters. We promise that you’ll get the best deal on these cannabis seeds or we’ll make it right. If you find ’em cheaper, let us know!

Get Your Chocoloco Seeds Today & Reserve Your Room at the Funny Farm!

NB: Don’t even think about trying your own Chocoloco grow. Doing so is illegal & against the rules at Rhino Seeds, and no one wants to break the big man’s rules. You never know what might happen, but you won’t like it!

Vision Seeds mixed a superb Thai Sativa with a flavour-packed Chocolope Haze to create Chocoloco Seeds. True to their name, these 100% feminized seeds are insanely strong & crazy good with a full 19% THC & a rich blend of chocolate and caramel flavours. Yummy!

The THC isn’t the only big number on these babies’ stat sheet. A true monster, Chocoloco can reach as high as 900 gr/m2 (that’s 2 full pounds, my friend!), and they’re made up of a full 90% Sativa DNA. With this choice, it’s go big or go home from start to finish, top to bottom, end to end!

Chocoloco goes crazy with candy-like flavour, 19% THC & the potential for 900 gr/m2 yields. For uncontrollable power, buy your weeds seeds today.

Chocoloco Feminized

Sativa 90% / Indica 10%

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Chocoloco is one of the varieties of sweet and pleasant marijuana. Proceeding from Thai Sativa and Chocolope Haze, Chocoloco is an almost pure Sativa strain (90%).

Outdoors it is able to reach more than two meters high, with a yield up to 900 grams per plant. Relatively short flowering period of 8-9 weeks. High productivity with elongated, heavy and resinous buds. It is an easy plant to grow, has ability to adapt to different climates and good resistance to pests or moisture.

Chocoloco taste is unmistakable for its mild sweetness of chocolate and caramel, with notes of incense and citrus. It has a potent relaxed, long-lasting euphoric effect.

Sativa 90% / Indica 10%