cherrygasm strain

Cherrygasm strain

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The taste is almost strawberries and creme. Amazing. Fun high. Not very euphoric but the head is definitely space queen.

Great just to smoke even if there was not as amazing effect. Works great for pain and stress. It is Hard to Find, so Try it if you get the chance.

I am on this strain now. Positive benefits: helps you be very focused and happy in your own creative space . This is a strain that helps you remain focused and happy in your craft if your craft happens to be out in public like writing in creative inspiration at a library or outside park yoga movement. It makes you very happy and bubbly on those spotted semilucid semi sunny part chemtrailly days where the energy in the air has this opposing depression. This strain is good to help you be in the happiness of life because its genetics were designed to gather the good protected magic energy of nature and feed that to your brain when you need it in a direct relationship with your cannabis plant receptor in your central brain consciousness which is the pineal. make sure to drink enough water. very trippy strain. when you start to get kind of stuck. get up . move the body. it starts to get really heady and you start to feel really stuck. but still very grateful you are on it. and still getting stuff done. make sure you go drink water. and be happy moving your body walking outside in a fluid motion with the arms moving in synergy with the legs and breathing. go move and breath. maybe get barefoot in the grass and windmill the arms.

Cherrygasm is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the insanely delicious Cherry Pie OG X Space Queen strains. Infamous for its crazy tasty flavor, Cherrygasm packs mouthfuls of fresh sweet cherries and sour lemon candy into each and every toke. …


TGA Subcool’s Cherrygasm has been developed to offer a cannabis strain with cherry flavour, tons of resin glands and high terpene profile. Now available in Alchimiaweb’s catalogue of regular seeds.

It’s a 70% Sativa hybrid between Cherry Pie OG and Subcool’s Space Queen male, which grows vigorous and slender, being suitable for training and pruning techniques.

2 main phenotypes are normally found: one with OG Kush dominance, long internodal spacing and cherry and citric notes on a Diesel background, while the other one produces long buds with acid cherry and musky notes.

Cherrygasm’s bloom period is around 70-80 days, time in which it develops amazing purple and black hues which contrast with the thick layer of resin. Subcool recommends to harvest it after 75 days for maximum terpene content.

The effect is body relaxing and suitable to treat pain while stimulating both appetite and mind.

Buy Cherrygasm (SubCool’s The Dank (Formerly TGA Seeds)) at Alchimia Grow Shop