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The high of this strain is very sedative and will make you very sleepy. You can smoke it before you go to bed to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Strawberry Cough can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors , but regardless of its environment, it must be grown within a suitable climate. The strain prefers a warm or hot tropical location, with temperatures between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21-30 degrees Celsius, including overnight.

With over 60 stores across the country, we are the ultimate specialty store, offering thousands of home furnishing fabrics, custom upholstered furniture, and custom design and labor services. What’s the difference between “measurable” potency and perceived potency? Both terms are talking about the same thing – how strong the cannabis is – but they’re different in how each one is measured. Underwatered cannabis plants will look very weak, lifeless, and will show signs of wilting. Its no wonder they begin to look this way considering the vital role of water in plant physiology. The wilting of underwatered cannabis is different from the plump curling of overwatering - even if only subtly. Another sign of an under watered cannabis plant an extremely dry growing medium, such as crispy soil. Lights: I drilled a small hole in the front of the box to allow the power supply for the lights to come out at the highest point so I can adjust them up and down accordingly.

In this case, I used two lag bolts to tie off the power supply for the lights to adjust their height. I used a three outlet light socket for three HE lights that use about 45w of power well below the estimated max of the box. Again, LED grow lights are a little costly but I think worth the price given the reward and they burn a little cooler if heat becomes a problem. It’s the main period of growth that your plant will go through , and probably the most important. In the study area, the most common form of cannabis used was high-THC with negligible CBD content. Note if you’re using Rockwool: Rockwool cubes usually have a small hole for the clone to be inserted. Just be sure you have a snug fit between the stem and the cloning cube. Well, the next time you have these stems, you better keep it and make it more useful. In today’s article, we help you make good use of your weed stems so you can enjoy a relaxing sip using it. We will give you a step by step guide on how to make a cannabis stem tea. Autoflowering strains thrive in less-nutritious soil. Their speedy growth and small stature mean they don’t require much fertiliser. This has all led to me incorporating weeds into some garden designs. This book explores my own emerging design style and ethos around a garden being alive – a micro ecosystem – to be encouraged to change over time in a sustainable way. Wild about Weeds explains how to do this, what a weed brings to the party and how to manage each one (or eradicate it if it gets too much). I’ve also looked at the worst weeds to avoid and those weeds that have transcended already into our good books. Be aware, however, that the potency of Green Crack can cause psychedelic effects. Some users report paranoia and panic attacks due to the intensity of the high. A little goes a long way here, so smoke within your limits and get ready to recharge! We are all aware of the euphoric effects when we smoke marijuana plants. However, it does not have the same effect when we smoke using marijuana seeds. Marijuana seeds contain low to no tracks of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Getting high when smoking marijuana seeds will only have an effect on someone with a low tolerance as the potency of a marijuana seed is significantly lower than the actual buds. For those who are experienced marijuana users, smoking the seeds is a total waste of time. It may also be an unpleasant experience because of all the crackling and burning action.

They are good for the heart because it is high in Omega acids that reduce blood pressure. It also aids to lower the risk of stroke and heart attack. Since cannabis seeds relax the body and muscles, it helps in controlling the nervous system, muscular spasms, and mobility issues.


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