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Due to the corona virus, many award festivals and events for 2020 have been changed, rescheduled or cancelled.

New Date : 16 November 2020

For a current list of updates click here.

Canadian Cannabis Awards 2020

Due to the current global pandemic, the Canadian Cannabis Awards & Gala has been put on hold for 2020.

Next Awards & Gala: 2021

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The Cannabis Culture Awards, previously known as the ‘Cannabis Cultuur Prijs’, were initiated in 2004 by philanthropist Ben Dronkers in order to honor and reward people who have made outstanding contributions to the world of hemp and cannabis. Read More.

Reports, Pictures & Results of the High Times Cannabis Cup, the Tokers Bowl, IC 420 Growers Cup, Spannabis, High Life Hemp Fair, San Francisco Cannabis Cup, Nimbin Mardigrass, OMCA and other Hemp Festivals World Wide.

The Winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado: People’s Choice 2020

In case you missed our Cannabis Cup Digital Awards show this weekend, here are all the winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado: People’s Choice 2020!

Indica Flower

First Place: Mandarin Sunset by Indico
Second Place: MAC by High Level Health
Third Place: Skunkberry by One Farms

Sativa Flower

First Place: Jabberwokie by Pagosa Therapeutics
Second Place: Papa Smurph by High Level Health
Third Place: Jungle Cheese by One Farms

Hybrid Flower

First Place: Sour Strawberry by Indico
Second Place: Cake Crasher by GreenMan Cannabis
Third Place: Deathstar by High Level Health


First Place: French Whore Infused Pre-Roll by High Country Cones
Second Place: Bitty Caviar Cones by Dadirri
Third Place: Toke Premium Infused Cali-O Pre-Roll by Heartland Industries

Edibles (Food)

First Place: THC Caramel Chews by Kush Masters
Second Place: Peanut Butter Chocolate by 3Js Hice Cream
Third Place: Dabba Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Indica Bar by Cheeba Chews

Edibles (Non-Food)

First Place: Sleep Tincture 1:4 by ReCreate
Second Place: Lemon Speed Strips by Escape Artists
Third Place: 1:1 Precision Dose Tincture by ioVia


First Place: Blue Skunk Live Budder by High Level Health
Second Place: Citrus Trifecta Live Diamonds by Kush Masters
Third Place: Clementine Pure Live Resin by Lusso (Nectar Bee)


First Place: 1:1 Lavender Cream by Escape Artists
Second Place: 1:1 Super Strength Nano Salve by Mary Jane’s Medicinals
Third Place: 1:1 CBD/THC Transdermal Patch by Sirona

Congratulations to the winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado: People's Choice 2020!