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I NEVER received my order

I NEVER received my order. When I tried calling them and emailing them, no one EVER responded back, nor did they answer the stupid phone.
Bud aroma don’t even deserve a star.

Now I don’t even wanna order beans from anyone!

Ripping people off since 2017

Ordered 50 dollars in seeds in 2017.
Never got them. Bugged them with emails for about a year to no avail.
Dont waste your time with these guys. Looks like no-one ever. gets their seeds.


Bought $200 worth of seeds in Nov 2017. Still no refund. This company is disgusting!

Just another sad victim of their scam…

Just another sad victim of their scam BS. My story is pretty much the same as the rest of the reviews written here. AVOID!! Any money you send them is gone forever. DO NOT BUY FROM! TOTAL RIPOFF! Can I say it any plainer?

I ordered $115.00 in seeds



Ditto to what everyone else says ordered seeds paid for them never got them!


Purchased $400 of product. They responded that their CC machine was down and requested I pay thru Venmo. That was 12/18. They said my order would ship that Friday.

Now, I cannot get a last name other than Kim Jones. They don’t answer phone or respond to emails, other than with robo emails stating they will respond within 24-48 hours. They don’t.

I encourage all to notify CA AG, US Postal Inspector and FBI. Also, inundate their phone system with calls and orders that you don’t pay for.

SCAM. Buyer beware. Never received seeds . and noone returns phone calls or emails.

I had placed an order with them when they were excepting bank debit cards . My bank wouldn’t let the transaction go through. Two hours later I got a email from my PayPal account saying that my transaction was declined. I never even told Bud Aroma that I had a PayPal account and I certainly didn’t give them permission to charge my paypal account. The only thing I can figure out is that Bud Aroma had to of used my email address to see if I had a PayPal account.

I placed an order since 9/30/2018 and…

I placed an order since 9/30/2018 and the and i have yet to know where my seeds are. No on ever answers the phone and they DO NOT return your money back at all. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM BUD AROMA YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY.

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Curtis Jackson
Curtis Jackson

I don’t work for Bud Aroma, or any other seed bank. I did order from them once, and had great service. Maybe you are exaggerating a bit? I just got this email today, in fact:

As of 6/12/2017, Bud Aroma will no longer accept credit/debit card payments directly. We are using Western Union only! You can easily use the Western Union website or mobile app to avoid long lines at the store.

As a new, 4 month old, seed bank in the USA, we are learning fast that credit cards processing and cannabis, DO NOT mix well! We have been back and forth accepting Paypal, Credit Cards, Cash payments and so forth. Each time, we run into issues with the card processor.

Paying with credit card is very convenient, however it has brought us many headaches in this short period of time.

Right now, we have a credit card processing company holding our funds and will not release them for 180 days. And they have deactivated our account so we can not issue refunds. This is why we have discontinued accepting credit/debit cards directly. If you have recently paid via credit card, your order will not process and you will get a refund. We are not a fly by night company. We will be here and We will work with you to get your refund to you ASAP. This process should take 1 week or so. If that is too long for your refund to post, please call your card company and request a refund. We will work with you to get your refund and reorder and process your seeds. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused.

If you used Western Union as your payment method, there is nothing that you need to do. Your orders will process and ship! The only orders that will process and ship are Western Union payments. These orders will begin to ship out ASAP.

We are totally committed to bringing you the worlds best cannabis seeds. This is a learning lesson for us. Rest assured that we will continue to serve USA, even through the hurdles.

So I was looking for a seed bank to use that had a wide selection of strains to choose from but also was based in the United States. I came across Bud aroma…