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Cali Terpenes – Gelato

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Cali Terpenes – Gelato

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Gelato terpenes

The cannabis terpenes profile of Gelato from Cali Terpenes is a perfect mixture of terpenes, with exactly the same aromatic profile of an extraction of terpenes of the very famous American marihuana variety Gelato (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies).

Terpenes from 100% organic (botanic) origin.

Made with the highest quality raw materials, originally from crops free of transgenics (NO GMO) and free of pesticides or polluting agents.

Gelato terpenes do not contain any extra solvent or cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.).

Dominant terpenes in Gelato terpenes

Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, Linalool, Beta-Pinene, Myrcene, B-Ocimene, Terpinolene, Alpha-Pinene.

Modulation of the cannabinoids effect

Gelato terpenes act in synergy with cannabinoids by modulating its effect and providing a mentally amusing and stimulating feeling and a physically relaxing and pleasant feeling.

Ideal for improving your mood, relieving stress and some pains.

Flavour and aroma of Gelato

Gelato terpenes from Cali Terpenes have an intense aroma and sweet flavour with citrus, earthy and creamy touches.

Possible applications of terpenes from Cali Terpenes

Cannabis terpenes profiles from Cali Terpenes have endless applications but they are mainly used to provide aroma and flavour of the specific cannabis varieties to all types of products such as:

  • E-liquids
  • Cannabis concentrates and extractions (Rosin, BHO, dry hash, THC or CBD distillates, etc.)
  • Food and beverages (contact us for our terpenes packing for food or drinks production)
  • Hemps or cannabis flowers.

They are also used to formulate and add flavour to several kinds of cosmetic products (creams, balsams, perfumes, etc.)

They are suitable for all sorts of instruments and systems for aromatherapy (diffusers, candles, essential oils, etc.)

Usage recommendations of terpenes from Cali Terpenes:

Our terpenes are 100% pure, without addings or solvents. You should handle them with caution. Our product can’t be consumed without being diluted (except for tastings in cold vaporizers, in which you should use pure terpene). Once diluted in the right proportion, the product will be totally safe and takes all the benefits of our terpenes.

1ml of terpenes = 40 drops (0.025ml each drop of *1ml dropper), therefore 1 drop represents approximately 0.25% of 10ml base:

1 drop in 10ml = 0,25%

2 drops in 10 ml = 0,50%

4 drops in 10ml = 1%

8 drops in 10ml = 2%

12 drops in 10ml = 3%

We always recommend testing from less to greater quantity, because our terpenes provide an intense flavor and aroma easily.

E-liquids Bases:
  • The reccomended and most common propotion of our terpenes to provide enough flavor and aroma to e-liquid bases is 1% to 3% (to a maximum of 4%; the most common proportion is 2%).
  • Example: if you start from 10ml of e-liquid base and you have choose to use 2% of terpenes, you just only add 0,2 ml of our terpenes.
  • If you start from 100ml of e-liquid base and you have choose to use 2% of terpenes, you must add 2ml of our terpenes.

* We strongly recommend visiting our post “How to make e-liquid with terpenes”.

Cannabis extractions and concentrates:
  • The reccomended and most proportion of terpenes to provide enough flavor and aroma to dry extractions (dry hash or traditional hash, . ), BHO (wax, shatter, live resin, . ), rosin, distillates of THC or CBD, is from 1% to 3% of terpenes (to a maximum of 4%; the most common proportion is 2%-3%).
  • Example: if you start from 10gr of cannabis concetrate (as a clear,ex) and you have choose to use 3% of terpenes, you just only add 0,3 ml of our terpenes.
  • We recommend to make some test from the lower to the higher quantity. For exemple: 1 drop for 3 gr, 1 drop for 2 gr, 1 drop for 1gr (max) .
  • Taste the product after few days in order to enjoy better the results of the different proportions.
  • It’s really important to make a good and homogeneous mixture and waiting almost 24/48h for a total integration of the terpenes.

* Please have a look to our post “How to use terpenes” and discover step by step how to add terpenes to cannabis extractions and concentrates.

Hemp or Cannabis flowers:

Terpenes are also used to increase the aroma and flavor of hemp or cannabis flowers. Cannabis plants usually haven’t more than 4% terpenes, and depending on how professional your method of application is, you will need more or less terpenes to add aroma and flavor.

The optimal way is to use an aromatizer, place the flowers in a vertical dryer inside an enclosed space, like a grow box, in which the extraction is used to re-circulate and re-enter the remaining terpenes back into the dryer. For every kilo of flowers you need to add to the aromatizer from 5ml to 10ml of terpenes mixed with water (20%terpenes & 80%water).

Once the aromatization process is finished, we suggest check over the level of humidity of the buds. If the humidity is excessive, let the flowers dry for the necessary hours until they reached the right point.

At the end, store the flowers in an airtight container in order to preserve the flavoring adding and help terpenes to stabilize.

We recommend to store the buds in an airtight and vacuum pack. The vacuum will ensure that the terpenes penetrate completely into the plant, leaving a long-lasting homogeneous aroma.

*If you have any inquire during the application of terpenes please do not hesitate to get in touch with our technical department.

Food and beverage:

The right amount of terpenes (or cannabis aromas) to use in Food & Beverage is much lower than that used in e-liquids or cannabis products. This amount always depend on the base from which you start and from the moment in which the application takes place.

We always recommend apply the terpenes during cold processes, trying to avoid the strong pressure changes (ex. Vaccuum); in this way the terpenes will not evaporate and they will perfectly integrate in your recipe.

Here you have some examples of the proportions suggested for food & drinks:

  • Ice cream: Approx 0.025ml of Terpenes to 0.1ml for 1kg Ice cream.
  • Beer: Approx. 1ml of Terpenes for 3L of beer.
  • Sparkling water: Approx. 1 or 2 drops of Terpenes per 1L of water.
  • Oils: Approx. 1ml of Terpenes for 3L of oil.
  • Honey: Approx. 1ml of Terpenes for 1kg or 2 kg of honey.
Terpenes preservation:

The packaging of our terpenes is ideal for a perfect conservation of terpenes. They’re equipped with a safety stopper, anti-leakage disk and screw cap. Make sure to close it after use.

Terpenes are volatile elements, we always recommend to keep them cold in the fridge, in this way you will avoid possible evaporation during the use.

Remember that while using the terpenes the temperature should not exceed 60 ° C to avoid the evaporation of most volatile terpenes.

Always keep our terpenes in their original packaging because the dark glass used is UV rays proof and is perfect for the conservation of thermo or photosensitive products; in this way you can avoid color changes, losses or contamination, (terpenes are corrosive and can damage other materials such a plastic)

Gelato terpenes The cannabis terpenes profile of Gelato from Cali Terpenes is a perfect mixture of terpenes, with exactly the same aromatic profile of an ext…

Salvia Dried Leaves

Awesome and pleasant
These leaves are a really great way to enhance everyday life and festive activities. Also works astoundingly good in combination with other substances for example weed. It’s definitely a 5/5 product.

Not so impressed
I knew i have a rather high innate tolerance to most substances, but this didnt work for me at all. I know the drill bout the heat it needs and proper inhaling. But a

1g bowl didnt do it for me, guess i need to step up to extracts.If you know your footings and you are rather highly tolerant to most substances, start here.protip: quidding these doesnt work out that well, no matter how much you keep telling yourself it might.

Nulla di particolare
Fumata col bong , una sensazione di essere trasportato indietro ed ho sudato x circa 30 secondi , subito dopo ho avuto un gran mal di testa per ore !

Not so bad,if you’re a beginner.
I smoked some with my wooden pipe and a bong,whit a couple of friends.I had a very funny and sudden sensation of being pulled back on the couch.Then i had the feeling i was dreaming,and my friends,and the music we were listening(System of a down)became a significant part of it.Everything i was thinking made me laugh,and when i tried to speak to them,i kept laughing for an entire minute.The effects of this sage,as i heard,are the most week (1-2 minutes if you smoke it)but i think they’re enjoyable and weird enough to consider this as quite good anyway.Now,of course,i’m eager to try the others.

Powerful but gentle psych; excellent sleep remedy
In small doses, 10-20mg it’s the best sleep remedy I found so far. Makes me very relaxed for 30 min and at peace with the world for the rest of the day. Increases appetite and massively increases natural healthy drowsiness. Wake up energized. Instant insomnia fix. At normal doses (45mg is what fits into my pipe), it’s powerful enough to be taken seriously. Try to take all the smoke in one go and YOU MUST HOLD IT IN FOR 20 sec – or more if you can. Once you exhale, you immediately forget you smoked it, and pretty much everything else. It’s less of a roller-coaster like DMT and more of a teleport into a very weird place. You’re back within a minute. There’s no tolerance build up, so you can boost as many times as you like. All in all, I’d call it powerful but relatively gentle, so excellent as an introduction to psychs.

Nicht mein Fall!
Ich habe 5 Salviablätter geraucht. Der Effekt war mir persönlich zu unheimlich: Der Raum drehte sich wie ein Zsuberwürfel und ich fühlte mich total unwohl dabei. Der Rausch hielt nur 5-10min an. Gott sei Dank:)

Ist ganz gut
Also ich persönlich finde die blätter ok.. Das trinken als tee würde ich nicht empfehlen da der tee absolut bitter schmeckt unf wirklich hohe dosen braucht.. Das rauchen mit der bong finde ich besser wobei man damit wirklich viel braucht. Für einen RICHTIGEN salvia rausch würd ich extrakt benutzen.. Dennoch gut un herauszufinden ob einem das Gefühl überhaupt zusagt

Ballert gut
Ich und ein Freund haben konsumiert mich hat es nicht so stark geballert wie ihn deshalb erzähle ich von ihm: N. hat in der Bong geraucht (2 köpfe) ihm war schlecht und ist deshalb raus gegangen ich bin jedoch drinnen geblieben er dachte aber das ich mitkommen und ihm sagen würde das er auf die andere Straßen Seite gehen soll und nicht in meinen Rasen kotzen soll dabei war ich garnicht mitgegangen er bildete sich alles ein. (gekotzt hat er nicht) Neben bei hat es auch einen kleinen Schneesturm gehabt und N. hat sich gefühlt als ob es ein Sandsturm gewesen währe.

Hey thats pretty good
Ok so this product is actually really good. Especially for it’s price. Now i should mention that i did not have halucinations even after smoking 3 bowls back to back, so for that effect i ordered extracts, which I’m going to try out pretty soon. But what I did get from these leaves is a tingly feeling in my body especially around my joints. I also experienced something rather strange. It was like my mind had been split into two personalitys; one that wanted to do something and the other one that i was actually in control of. So if the me that i couldn’t control wanted something, i could still just be like: Nope. I also tried chewing these leaves. I did not get any effect out of that, which was pretty annoying because I had to keep it in my mouth for 30 minutes, chewing every 10 seconds and not swallow any of the bitter juices unless my mouth started to overflow. So yeah. that wasn’t something I’d do again. Another time I tried it with two friends. One was literally rolling on the floor, laughing; whereas the other one experienced it very similar to the way that I did. A negative point I should mention is that, atleast it happened to me, you start to sweat for no reason, so if you can be ready to loose your shirt. All in All I think the best description to recap how these leaves affect you is this: Remember the first time you smoked weed ? Laughing for no reason? A very intense bodily high ? Salvia is sort of like that.

Sehr gut!
Ich hab nicht viel zu sagen außer das es mega geil ist die Wirkung ist kurz 5-15 Minuten aber dafür sehr intensiv ich war überrascht als das Paket am 3. Tag schon da war ich bin sehr von dem Produkt und von dem freundlichen Zamnesia Team beeindruckt kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!:)

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