blueberry kush seeds

blueberry kush


Introduction: Nirvana presents a highly potent autoflowering heavyweight ranging from 18-22% THC, that brings together the best of two top quality indicas. A medium sized plant that is ready to harvest in 8-10 weeks, meaning she is a great choice for growers looking for a resilient, highly reliable fast flowering autoflowering strain. This lady has bold, pungent, dank flavours that Kush lovers and fans of indica Cannabis will adore.

Genetics: We took Blueberry Kush which was a hybrid of the citrus, fuel powerhouse O.G Kush and fruity Blueberry, and crossed it with our best male Blue Mystic autoflower. We managed to keep the desired traits from the parents and create a short flowering automatic version that will be ready to harvest without being dependant on light cycle. She performs especially well outdoors and thanks to her low profile, is well suited for growers who require stealth and discretion and living in colder climates, or experience shorter summers.

Strain characteristics: A low profile strain that thanks to her indica dominant will flower in 8-10 weeks. Her growth structure will remain short and squat and she can be expected to grow as tall as a 70-100cm.

During flowering she will not stretch much and will grow with short internodal spacing and will develop one main central cola, with short side branches. The buds are medium and dense with a white appearance and will produce dense buds at every internode. Her fragrance can be described as a cocktail of musky, earthy, fuel, citrus and berry, and is an absolute pleasure to grow. A very easy to grow strain that performs well grown closely together, and thanks to her low profile structure, she is a fine choice for growers needing a stealthy strain.

Experiencing this strain: The effects from Blueberry Kush Auto are immediate and heavy bodied with her sky high THC levels between 18-22%. Expect the best of both worlds with the creeping potency of the O.G Kush and deeply relaxing, sleepy sensation caused by the Blueberry. Smoke too much and you will feel heavy bodied and completely demotivated. A wise choice for staying at home unwinding and chilling out, or helping induce a deep sleep. A very therapeutic strain that may offer medical patients relief from inflammation, anxiety and insomnia.

What makes it so great: A knockout strain that put you to sleep if you are too careless with her. Phenomenal gassy, fruity, citrus flavours with small, dense buds that are glisten with trichomes. A short blooming strain very well suited for beginner growers.

Blueberry Kush seeds will reward you with high quality cannabis. ⭐Biological seeds only ⭐Indica dominant strain

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