blue mystic grow journal


I can’t find words to describe this plant.
Awesome in all its aspects. Structure, growth,yeld,resistance.
Look with your eyes!
all 3 plants behaved very well, I was worried only for # 2 that seemed underdeveloped (perhaps by my mistake) but then in bloom has simply shown signs much more induca dominant with the conseguence of having a more contained structure and growth. Also she was ready about 5-7 days before the sisters.
Vigorous with an interesting stratching after the switch
The flowers are dense, resinous and dusted with crystals, the color of the buds remains a light green, very beautiful!
Highly recommended, during the early flowering stages the tent will be vaulted by a scent very similar to the blueberry! soooo good!

Good fert, if you use their feed chart. all will go for the best. Some reserve on pirhana. is not the best performing product on market if you see the price. 5 star to bud ignitor, works my friends At the end all bacteria series are good products to feed soil, I suggest you to use them with carboload in veg and bud candy in bloom.

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Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic is a cross between famous Northern Light and Blueberry. This is a feminized indica dominant plant that contains 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics.

The plant has a compact bushy structure and a little stretching and grows up to 1 m tall.

The flowering cycle takes only 8-9 weeks and the harvest comes in October when the outdoor cultivation. One extra week provides bigger yields. The average crop is about 375-425 gr/m2. The best climate for growing is Mediterranean or Californian.

The smoke brings intense sweet and refreshing flavors and a very potent indica body stone effect

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