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We have taken Durban Poison one of South Africa’s best strains and crossed it with Lavender and then the super special Afghani ’76 and the result is a Sativa dominant plant that produces very large buds and leaves take on a blue/purple color towards the end of the flowering cycle. The plants calyx to leaf ratio makes it an easy plant to trim. This strain produces a strong citrus aroma that leaves your mouth watering.

Outdoor Harvest Time mid-October In the North/hemisphere late September and in the South/hemisphere late March to early April…

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Blue Mountain Durban Reg Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description We have taken Durban Poison one of South Africa’s best strains and crossed it with

Blue Mountain Durban

Ten years ago, maybe even five years ago, Blue Mountain Durban would have been wowing judges and users alike. Today, it’s still a decent enough all rounder, with a lot of good points, but not quite enough to get the very highest marks.

We think our biggest issue with Blue Mountain Durban is essentially that we’ve rather got used to being spoiled for choice when it comes to taste and with so many genuinely excellent citrus varieties out there, Blue Mountain Durban basically just doesn’t have what it takes to leave us really impressed any more. Blue Mountain Durban has a pleasant smell. The best citrus varieties can make you think that there’s an essential oil diffuser on the go in the room.

On paper, Blue Mountain Durban has impressive genetics, being a three-way cross between Durban Poison, Lavender and Afghani ’76. It has a 4:1 ratio of THC to CBD with about 20% of the former and up to 5% of the latter. It’s recommended for the treatment of severe pain and of all sorts, depression, stress and insomnia. To be honest, even though Medicann, as its name suggests, specializes in medical cannabis, we’re really not convinced about this ratio. In our experience, people who want a combination of THC and CBD for medical purposes tend to want a ratio or 1:1 or 2:1, otherwise they want strains with either high THC or high CBD, not both.

Our biggest issue with Blue Mountain Durban, however, is, quite bluntly, that we think the effort it needs to grow is not really justified by the results you get unless you have really set your heart on a 4:1 ratio of THC to CBD in which case it might be worth a look. Otherwise, frankly, there are plenty of autoflowering strains which can offer at least the same level of taste, decent medical benefits and similar levels of yield (450-550gr/m2 indoors). Alternatively, if you’re up for a challenge, there are plenty of photoperiod strains which can offer better taste, compelling medical benefits and/or yields which are at least as good if not better and many come in much smaller packages, which means their growing cycles are short enough for them to be a feasible choice for outdoor growers, whereas Blue Mountain Durban’s harvest time of early- to mid-October really means that there are very few places in Europe where it could be feasibly grown outdoors.

Blue Mountain Durban is a sativa dominant with high CBD levels that are great for medical users and mouthwatering, citrus flavour –