d2 genetics

The dopamine D2 receptor gene: a genetic risk factor in substance abuse


  • 1 Department of Medical Genetics, City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, CA 91010.
  • PMID: 8033754
  • DOI: 10.1016/0376-8716(94)90154-6

The dopamine D2 receptor gene: a genetic risk factor in substance abuse

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  • 1 Department of Medical Genetics, City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, CA 91010.
  • PMID: 8033754
  • DOI: 10.1016/0376-8716(94)90154-6


Drug abuse has grown to epidemic proportions. Dopaminergic reward pathways have frequently been implicated in the etiology of drug addiction. To examine the possible role of genetic variants of the dopamine D2 (DRD2) gene in susceptibility to drug abuse we determined the prevalence of the TaqI A1 variant of the DRD2 gene in 200 white patients hospitalized in the Addiction Treatment Unit of a Veterans Administration Hospital. While the prevalence of the D2A1 allele was not significantly increased over controls, it did increase from 21% in subjects with alcohol abuse only to 32% in subjects with alcohol dependence only, consistent with other studies showing an association with the severity of alcoholism. By contrast, of 104 subjects with a discharge diagnosis of drug and alcohol abuse/dependence, 42.3% carried the D2A1 allele versus 29.0% of the 763 white controls (representing all white controls published to date) (P = 0.006). Of those who spent more than $25/week on two or more substances, 56.9% carried the D2A1 allele versus 28.2% of those abusing a single substance (P Blum K, Braverman ER, Wood RC, Gill J, Li C, Chen TJ, Taub M, Montgomery AR, Sheridan PJ, Cull JG. Blum K, et al. Pharmacogenetics. 1996 Aug;6(4):297-305. doi: 10.1097/00008571-199608000-00003. Pharmacogenetics. 1996. PMID: 8873216

Drug abuse has grown to epidemic proportions. Dopaminergic reward pathways have frequently been implicated in the etiology of drug addiction. To examine the possible role of genetic variants of the dopamine D2 (DRD2) gene in susceptibility to drug abuse we determined the prevalence of the TaqI A1 va …


med usa strain

Med usa strain

Medusa (AKA: The Nirvana Strain) by Maven Genetics is an Indica Dominate Hybrid containing 21%THC. Buds are solid mint green with black purple tips. Pistils are fawn brown & the buds are weighed down by all the frosty trichomes. The scent & flavor is sweet earthy berry. Effects start off happy & bright followed by calm relaxation. Lineage: Misty-White Widow-Skunk. Connoisseurs Delight.

This is an amazing strain, I am able to focus and quickly finish small tasks or projects with the productivity. LUCKYAJ13

For me personally it is far from Sedative and Narcotic? Pain is not as bad but as far as taking care of the sleep department not good. Not making me sleepy at all?

Love this strain great effect

Amazing producer. Smells mildly fruity and skunky during late flower ..better have your odor control buttoned up if you want to grow her stealthy. 6 oz per plant in 5 gal containers @60w/sq ft if you find the “big” pheno in your pack of seeds. Truly pleasant high. body and mind nirvana. Functional,Social,Relaxing and Happy effects. If you want to be baked out of your skull and stare at walls. this isn’t your strain.

Medusa, more commonly referred to as “The Nirvana Strain” is a hybrid of the cult favorite Misty strain with an unknown sativa to indica ratio. However, it is thought to be evenly balanced due to its powerful combination of sativa and indica effects that complement each other perfectly. The hig…


g dragon weed

G-Dragon Personally Apologizes For T.O.P’s Marijuana Drug Scandal

BIGBANG leader, G-Dragon, apologized to fans today on behalf of the group for T.O.P‘s recent drug scandal and admission of smoking marijuana.

While in Japan for his fan meeting, G-Dragon personally apologized to all his fans for T.O.P’s marijuana smoking scandal.

Upon hearing his apology, VIPs immediately joined together to express their never-ending love and support for G-DRAGON by shouting, “We will support you! Jiyong!!

T.O.P also issued a personal apology to all VIPs, through a hand-written letter that was released earlier today.

Get caught up on the entire breaking news story by reading our exclusive report:

The Full Story Behind T.O.P’s Drug Scandal, And The Mysterious Trainee Woman

G-Dragon Personally Apologizes For T.O.P’s Marijuana Drug Scandal BIGBANG leader, G-Dragon , apologized to fans today on behalf of the group for T.O.P ‘s recent drug scandal and admission of


super lemon skunk

Super Lemon Haze

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With its strong and sweet lemon qualities in both the smell and taste, this strain certainly lives up to its reputation and name when well-grown. With the indica lineage present in the sativa-dominant hybrid, it results in a rather calm experience for a haze-based strain — rather balanced between head and body effects overall. The plant grows with short internodes and responds well to topping. The standard shape for the untrained plant is a Christmas tree-style sativa, with solid buds that have a high calyx-to-leaf ratio.


Lemon Skunk (Green House used the original Vegas Lemon Skunk clone) x Super Silver Haze (Skunk #1 x Haze C) x (Northern Lights #5 x Haze C)

Click here to purchase your own Super Lemon Haze seeds and start growing today!


The Lemon Man is the holder of the original Lemon Skunk mother, which has roots reaching back nearly 20 years into the Las Vegas-area growing community.

Thought to be an original Sacred Seeds Skunk #1 release with a special lemony scent and flavor, the original Lemon Skunk made its way to Amsterdam and into the hands of Arjan, Green House Seeds’ chief breeder. He crossed it with a spectacular and highly Sativa-looking Super Silver Haze male, and as they say, “the rest is history…”


Strongly citrusy (lemon peel, grapefruit), often smelling sweet like Lemonheads candy — the Haze elements come through in the form of a flowery and spicy undertone.


Rather lemony with some flowery elements, almost identical to the smell when grown properly.


A motivational, creative, mood-elevating experience, Super Lemon Haze also comes with an array of body effects. A buzzing, relaxed body that feels capable makes the elevated mood especially enjoyable. This is a great daytime outdoorsy strain, perfect for a summer day spent doing activities or simply enjoying the day. The medicinal qualities include: mood elevation, anti-anxiety, body relaxation, ocular attention, creativity, and appetite stimulation.

Grow Medium

Works well indoors or out, and works well in high-EC hydro or soil setups. Soil tends to bring out more of the lemon flavor and smell. Plants grow tall but respond well to topping.

With its strong and sweet lemon qualities in both the smell and taste, this strain certainly lives up to its reputation and name when well-grown.  With the indica lineage present in the sativa-dominant hybrid


raw weed papers

RAWthentic Papers

The absolute hands down best rolling papers in the entire world! RAW revolutionized the game by launching the first truly naturally unrefined rolling paper more than a decade ago. Only RAW Papers feature our unique run-preventing watermark that makes for a perfect burn EVERY TIME.

RAW Cones

RAW Cones are the ultimate convenience in rolling because they’re very fast and easy to use! Just fill and light – no need to roll at all! We even invented devices to easily fill them in seconds.

RAW Rolling Trays

RAW re-introduced and re-invented the classic rolling tray! Check out our huge selection of RAW trays for your rolling needs. We have so many trays nowadays because every smoker rolls differently and we want to make ALL of you happy!


RAW is a lifestyle for people who truly enjoy their smoke and take things to the next next level. Check out our famous Instagram feed! It’s definitely one of the most fun and entertaining pages on IG! #RAWlife247

Welcome! RAW is …

  1. RAW is truly unbleached and unrefined.
  2. RAW Rolling Papers contain no chalk, no dyes and no burn additives.
  3. RAW lets you truly taste the natural flavors of your smoke.
  4. RAW Rolling Paper is made of just plants and plant starch.

RAW History

Early 1600’s-1700’s cigarette paper was supplied in large sheets known as “rolling paper” where smokers would have to hand-cut sections from this paper in order to use it. This all changed, however, when Father Jaime Villanueva Estingo invented the first rolling paper booklet circa 1800 in Jativa, Spain (just outside of Alcoy). RAW Paper is proudly from the Alcoy region of Spain and is made footsteps from where the first rolling papers were ever made.

RAW Rolling Papers are the hands down best rolling papers in the world! Beyond unbleached, RAW Papers and unrefined. RAW – The Natural Way To Roll


blueberry yum yum

Ludacris – Blueberry Yum Yum текст песни

Yeah, Um, I think ima try somthin tonight that i aint,
that i aint neva did before on this one, lets go

Get ya lighters, roll dat sticky, lets get high (lets get higher)
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Get ya lighters, roll dat sticky, lets get high (lets get higher)
Got that Blueberry Yum Yum And its dat fire(its that fire)

Got a lil bit of Blueberry Yum Yum
and I neva would of thought that it could taste this goooooood
Thank God for the man who put it in my hoooooood
Its got me singin melodies I neva thought i woooouuuuld
Im feelin sorry for the homies that be smokin wooood
Chop Chop, break it down for a playa like me me me me me
Im bout to find me a woman that skeet skeet skeet skeet
Ima keep smokin till i reach my peak peak peak peak
Or till im stuck and my body feels weak weak weak weak weak
headed down to the doungeon wonderin, if they got, some moore
and if they dont then ima have ta settle fa some drooooo
and it just aint cool cuz right on afta, ima have ta gooooo
and continue on my mission fishin for tha Yum Yum but im movin sloooow

Get ya lighters, roll dat sticky, lets get high(lets get higher)
Got that Blueberry Yum Yum And its dat fire (its that fire)
Get ya lighters, roll dat sticky, lets get high (lets get higher)
Got that Blueberry Yum Yum And its dat fire(its that fire)

Yes, fire fire got me so tired ima stop drop and rooooooolll
With a wet towel under the doooooooor
Dont pass it I cant take it no mooooore
Somebody take a trip down to the stoooooore
hurry please cus i need some snacks snacks snacks snacks
and how long will it take to get back back back back
Yes indeed ima lil off track track track track track
Off this weed and im full of that yak yak yak yak yak
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and it aint enuff room to fit tha other chicks inside
Im so hungry wit tha munchies ima eat everything in siiiiiight
Me and my blueberrys together and everythings all right

Get ya lighters, roll dat sticky, lets get high (lets get higher)
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Get ya lighters, roll dat sticky, lets get high (lets get higher)
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Get the propane, rollin thangs and lets blow this place uuuuuup
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But im barely awake wake wake wake wake
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So stomp on yo brake brake brake brake brake
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Dont know what ya got but my bag will, put yo stuff, ta shame
All tha different kinds of otha flavors, they dont mean a thang
You cant compare it dont stare cuz i got the ultimate Mary Jane

Get ya lighters, roll the sticky, lets get high (lets get higher)
Got that Blueberry Yum Yum And its dat fire (its that fire)
Get ya lighters, roll the sticky, lets get high (lets get higher)
Got that Blueberry Yum Yum And its dat fire (its that fire)

Ludacris – Blueberry Yum Yum текст песни Yeah, Um, I think ima try somthin tonight that i aint, that i aint neva did before on this one, lets go [Chorus] Get ya lighters, roll dat sticky,


sky strain

Sky OG

by tracking#track” data-controller=”tracking” data-tracking-payload=”<"eventAction":"click","eventCategory":"Brand Name","eventLabel":"Link","brandId":608,"fullUrl":"","productId":16491,"strainId":8509>” href=”/brands/grown-rogue-gardens”>Grown Rogue

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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About this product

An Indica dominant hybrid, Grown Rogue’s Sky OG is a cultivar those looking to completely separate from the aches, pains, and stress they are under. Because of the heavy Indica effect, it’s a great companion for a night on the couch watching the original Star Wars series; that’s under the assumption you’ve seen it already and are comfortable missing parts due to snoozzzzzzzzzzzing.

2 customer reviews

on April 26th, 2020

This is the perfect strain for me to go to sleep with. It’s not such a knock-out that I can’t use it for a nice chill high, so it’s the perfect medium for me. This is one of the best strains I’ve ever tried. It’s got a nice clean, lovely smell raw and when it’s smoked. It’s really nice. 9.5/10 — I’d like to take off half a point because when I smoked it in a hemp wrap (similar to blunt), my lips were quite tingly and numb.

product-review-actions#upvote” data-target=”product-review-actions.upvoteButton” data-url=”/products/reviews/2379718/vote”>Helpful 0 product-review-actions#report” data-url=”/products/reviews/2379718/flag”> Report Reported

on April 13th, 2020

Bruce W: The Sky is falling, this stuff kicks your ass, like nothing prior. Totally takes over, any other buzz, you may have had. Just being brave enough, to try some during the daylight hours. Instant ass kicker, which I purchased, for sleeping, and it does an excellent job of getting you to sleep. Or if you just want to be incapacitated, try this anytime of the day. Worst that can happen, is a great night’s rest. Superbly Excellent, is my rating. Coben. I rate the Sky OG very nice/10. ༼つಠ益ಠ༽つ ─=≡ΣO))

product-review-actions#upvote” data-target=”product-review-actions.upvoteButton” data-url=”/products/reviews/2364361/vote”>Helpful 2 product-review-actions#report” data-url=”/products/reviews/2364361/flag”> Report Reported

About this strain

Mazar x Blueberry OG

Mazar x Blueberry OG is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain that may just take you to a galaxy far, far away. No Sith genetics here—this plant is a cross between Mazar x Bluebery and OG Kush and has the strong aroma characteristic to kush strains that includes a spicy herbal scent tinged with jet fuel. This strain makes relaxation your only mission, and some users report strong body effects that include mild tingling and numbness. If pain and physical limitations are the issue, Mazar x Bluebery OG is here to rescue you. The galaxy also holds a sativa dominant variety of Mazar x Blueberry that is also often referred to as Mazar x Blueberry OG or Sativa OG.

If your mission is total relaxation, Sky OG is a worthy candidate to lead you there.


cannabis week 3 flowering

Cannabis Flowering Stages Week 3 & 4

Robert Bergman
August 31, 2020

After two weeks with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, the plant stops growing and every bud starts to develop its first flowers. Almost no leaves are being made anymore and the roots also don’t grow as quickly. All pistils are white and increase very rapidly. The little flowers are now just small white balls, spread along the branches. And the smell starts to really develop at this point. I always find this stage very exciting.

Week 3 & 4 Flowering Stage

  • Flowering Day 50
  • Flowering Day 52
  • Flowering Day 54
  • Flowering Day 57
  • Flowering Day 59
  • Flowering Day 61
  • 50 days
  • 57 days
  • 61 days

From now on, you shouldn’t prune your plants anymore. Your plants need all their energy to create buds, and pruning would create a wound the plant needs to repair, which costs energy.

Since the plants don’t grow much anymore and it completely focuses on the development of the buds, you have to provide it with different nutrients. Your plant needs less nitrogen, a bit of potassium and a lot of phosphor. You could use Bloom Fertilizer by Flower Power or ask your local garden center or growshop for advice.

  • New growth
  • Bud growth close
  • Bud growth macro

The plants now use a lot of water, so make sure they never go without and that the soil is always a bit moist. Reach your hand halfway down the pot and lift them out of the pot often to check the humidity. It’s better to water them a bit every day than water them a lot every 5 days. You can better manage your plants this way, because you’re checking every day so you won’t water them too little or too much as quickly.

It’s often tempting to already taste a little bud, but that has little use. The buds barely contain any THC and the taste isn’t all that great. You would only cause damage to the plant. Have a bit more patience.

Bergman’s Numbers

  • Light cycle: 12 hours light – 12 hours darkness
  • Light color: Orange-red – HPS
  • Temperature: 70-77 degrees
  • Humidity: 50 – 60%
  • Fertilizer: 1.3 – 1.4
  • pH: 6.0

Day 50

  • Top view
  • Side view
  • Close up

You can see the first buds appear starting today. They don’t really look like buds, but you can see more white hairs come out of the new growth. It’s best visible at the main bud, but you can see little white hairs appear all over the plant. From now on, the plant will use its energy for the production of as many buds as possible. So make sure the plant has everything it needs and provide it with sufficient water and a nice climate.Also check the leaves again, both the top and underneath. They should have a nice green color without spots, discoloration or deformation.

Bugs usually hang out underneath the leaves, so make sure you check these spots.If your leaves look healthy, you can increase the EC to 1.3. You can also switch to flowering nutrients now. This contains a lot of phosphor and potassium and a bit less nitrogen, which is exactly what your plants need to produce buds. I rinsed the soil with only acidulated water, so the plants can directly absorb all the new nutrients. Read more about the use of certain nutrients in the article Nutrients for marijuana plants.

I now give them 1/2 gallons of water every other day and they use every last drop. This is a good sign, because it means the respiration process is going well. They absorb tons of nutrients along with the water, which is exactly what they need right now.

Perfectly Time Your Harvest

Learn how to produce more potent buds in my Harvest Guide.
Download the free PDF here

Day 52

  • Top view
  • Side view
  • Close up

You can now see the first real buds appear. They are just tiny balls with white hairs, but they’re buds! They don’t contain any THC yet and aren’t really smokable, but they’re starting to get a nice smell.

Gently squeeze one of these balls and smell your fingers after. This is very promising ;)The plant won’t grow anymore really, so you don’t need to check the height of your lamp every time.

Do however maintain a perfect climate.

  • The humidity needs to be between 50 and 60 percent, and the temperature shouldn’t rise above 77 degrees.
  • Always make sure the plants have enough water, and take good care of them.
  • This is a very important period, because the number of buds your plant will produce is determined right now.

What is a marijuana plant?

We’re all doing it for the buds. But in order to grow thick buds, all organs of the plant must be healthy: the leaves, root system, stems and tissue. Read the article What is a marijuana plant to see how all parts work together and what their functions are.

Day 54

  • Top view
  • Side view
  • Close up

This is really starting to look like a bud. You can see many white hairs grow from the little buds and probably also some leaves. These leaves are important, because they can tell you a lot about the health of your buds. If you look closely at those little leaves that grow out of your buds, you can see there’s already some resin on them. The leaves around the buds are perfect to make hash or weed butter out of later.I already taught you how to check if your plant is healthy. But now that the plant has buds, there are some more factors you have to take into account;

Color of the hairs

The color of the hairs must be white during the first two weeks. If that’s not the case the plant can experience stress, causing it to finish flowering quicker. After two weeks the first hairs will turn red, and towards the end of the harvest they’ll all be red/brown, as they should be.

Color of the leaves between the buds

These should also be green. If the tip of a leaf is brown it indicates a nutrient surplus, and you should give the plant half the dose the next time. If whole leaves are turning brown, you could be experiencing bud rot.

This won’t happen at this stage, but it can occur near the end of the harvest. So from now on you should also look at the color of the hairs and the leaves between the buds. If you are in doubt, immediately talk to one of our growing experts on the forum.

Day 57

  • Top view
  • Macro view
  • Bud view

It’s really starting to look like something now! They’ve grown a lot over the weekend! You can see that the little white balls are getting bigger and are starting to grow towards each other. This can eventually amount to very big buds. If you look at the bottom of your plants, you can see all kinds of little buds starting to grow. Keep the climate and your watering at the right level.If your plants are healthy and your leaves are nice and green, you can increase the EC to 1.4. If this is not the case, follow the step-by-step plan to see what’s wrong with your plants and approach a growing expert on our forum to help you.

What is the best temperature?

The absorption of water and the nutrients dissolved in it takes place through the roots of a plant. This process takes place through osmosis. Osmosis is a physical process in which substances can move from one liquid – separated by a semi-permeable wall (the plant cell) – to another liquid. This takes place from the side with the highest concentration to the side with the lowest concentration of nutrients. This movement of ions is called osmotic pressure.

The same principle applies to a marijuana plant, which consists of about 80% water. So the type and amount of substances on both sides of the cell wall are important. Let’s keep it simple and assume the liquid in a plant and the water outside the plant only contain N (nitrogen), P (phosphor) and K (potassium) ions.

If the marijuana plant used nitrogen ions, the concentration in the plant is lower than in the water outside of the plant. So new nitrogen ions are being sucked in from the water. If the plant has enough potassium ions in the plant (the concentration on both sides of the cell wall is the same), the K-molecules won’t come into action and stay where they are. If a plant has many more P-ions than the liquid outside the plant, the phosphor is sucked out of the plant, creating a shortage in the plant. Read more about osmosis in the article What is osmosis.

Day 59

  • Top view
  • Macro view
  • Bud view

Despite the fact that this is a very important stage, the days all look the same. Besides checking the climate, plants and water, you don’t have to do much else. This is a good moment to start broadening your knowledge and read a number of articles on plant physiology.

The articles are quite detailed, but give you a good understanding of the functioning and the needs of a marijuana plant. You can use this knowledge in future harvests.To motivate you a little bit, I’ll show you a small series of pictures on how the main bud is going to develop. If you make sure you have enough knowledge and you stick to this schedule, it will look just like this on your plants…

  • Week 3
  • Week 4
  • Week 5
  • Week 6
  • Week 7
  • Week 8

Day 61

  • Top view
  • Macro view
  • Bud view

Keep checking all values and take good care of your plants. Starting next week no new buds will be produced, but the buds will start to blow up. If your plants are healthy, the size of your buds can increase optimally.From this moment on, the risk of fungi and diseases increases. The buds are warm, humid spots where fungi can develop well under the right circumstances. From now on it’s important you take a number of things into consideration:

Don’t spray your buds

Make sure your buds stay dry and don’t spray your plants anymore. Bud rot, which develops best under a high humidity, is disastrous to your plants. You should therefore keep the humidity around 50% and the temperature around 77 degrees.

Proper ventilation

Fungi usually develop in places that don’t experience airflow. A proper ventilation between the buds prevents the easy nestling of fungi. It also blows the buds dry in case they got wet.

Checking your buds

Regularly check your buds and leaves for fungi and diseases. Look for brown, white or black spots on the leaves. Brown leaves that grow out of the bud and discoloration on top of the buds. Touch your plants as little as possible and preferably wear surgical gloves.

Here’s an overview of the most common fungi and diseases, with a link to an article with more information.

In this guide we&#39;ll cover the flowering stage (Week 3 &amp; 4) that begins once the vegetative phase ends. This usually takes 3-4 weeks, read about…


wild berry strain review

Strain: Wild Berry

Add Wild Berry To Your Favorites

Wild Berry

Very recognizable by the scent it emits, Wild Berry is a strain that hits as hard as its own berry smell. By Scorpion Seeds, this strain is used mainly for those dealing with chronic pain, poor appetite and insomnia.


Rating: No Rating / 5

Flavors: berry, blueberry, fruity, pungent, and sweet.


DJ Short Blueberry

Blackberry Kush

Grow Information

Growing Difficulty: Easy

Preferred Medium: Soil

Flowering Time In Days: 56

Outdoor Finish: Early October

Height: Medium

Average Yield: Medium

Environment: Greenhouse

Growing Notes: Can be grown both indoors and outdoors.


Average THC & CBD Test Results

Test Results courtesy of


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Indica strain. Easy difficulty to grow, average flowering days: 56, medium yield.


sog cannabis

The SOG cannabis growing method

Sea of Green

SOG or Sea of Green is a marijuana growing technique used to take advantage of all the available growing space. Basically, we only need to completely cover the whole space with relatively small pots, as many as needed. The number of pots used will depend on both the size of the pots and the available space. For our example, we will use a 1m2 growing tent and tell you a few tips that everyone should remember in order to achieve a successful SOG crop.

SOG indoor cannabis crop

The main goal of this kind of cultivation is reducing as much as possible the time needed to grow and flower the plants, while getting the best possible yield of our growing space. With this method, one can achieve the same results in two months – using cuttings – than in 3-4 months when growing cannabis seeds . Saving money in our light bills or being able to perform more crops per year are some of the benefits from this interesting growing technique.

How to set up a SOG crop

After getting all the needed growing gear (pots, lighting systems, fertilizers, etc.), the first thing to do is growing a motherplant from which we will take cuttings . For this kind of cultivation, it is very important having identical cuttings from the same motherplant – or at least from the same genetics – to achieve a homogeneous crop. Working with several genetics will surely cause problems regarding size, height, flowering time, nutrient needs, and a number of factors that will decrease the overall yield of the plants.

Once we have our motherplant ready, we should determine how many plants we are going to use per m2.; the amount of cuttings may depend on several factors and needs, but 25 plants/m2 is a good number to start with. Now we know how many cuttings we have to take from our motherplant and how many pots are needed to plant them.

It is advisable taking more cuttings than needed; this way, we can keep the best 25 ones for our growroom and discard the rest of them. We must choose the stronger and healthier ones, with similar heights, discarding those that would not form a homogeneous crop, what is crucial when using the Sea of Green method.

Ak47 clones ready to start a SOG crop

Another important aspect of this system is the type of irrigation that we are going to use for our plants. The best option is setting up an automatic watering system with dippers, connected to a nutrient solution tank. In this way, all plants will receive the same exact amount of nutrient solution, what will equally increase the production of all the plants.

Growing cannabis cuttings using the SOG technique

Plant each cutting in its respective pot ; we can perform a couple of transplants before flowering our plants, and the final pot’s size will depend on the used substrate. If we are using coco coir, 3-4 liter pots will be perfect; otherwise, if we use soil, we should use bigger containers, about 5-6L. Transplanting our plants saves space, helps to control the height of the cuttings and promotes growth with a shorter internodal distance, improving yields.

As the growth period of our clones will be short, we must use a quality root stimulator to enhance root growth, so they can quickly develop a well-formed rootball. Roots will drastically slow their growth after the pre-flowering stage – 2nd/3rd week of flowering – so we can stop adding root stimulator to the nutrient solution at this time.

Our plants should only have a main central bud with 2-3 side branches. We can prune the lower parts of the plants if needed, for we only want perfectly formed buds which usually only develop at the tops of the plants.

Plants should be about 35-50cm tall at the end of the flowering stage, so growing either Indica or Sativa strains is of key importance. We don’t want taller plants since the light emitted by the bulb would not reach the lower parts of the plants, developing few and squalid flowers. Indica marijuana strains are generally smaller and more compact than Sativas, which take more time to stop growing once the pre-flowering stage ends; for this reason, if we are using Sativa varieties we’ll flower them a bit sooner than the Indicas.

SOG of Ak47 marijuana plants, 3rd week of flowering

The Sea of Green – SOG – marijuana growing technique highly optimizes the available growing space while allowing us to perform more crops per year tha