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How to Get Rid of the Dank Stench of Weed

Masking the smell will only get you so far.

The stench of marijuana is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it objectively has a positive association. On the other, that smell is a dead giveaway that you have weed in your possession.

Depending on where you are, or who you’re (going to be) with, that can be a problem. Hate to break the bad news, but the usual Febreze/dryer sheet/frantic body spraying routine won’t do much.

Fear not. Here are some quick ways to shoo away the telltale, pungent odor of weed.

Nip it in the Bud

There are a few things you can do to minimize the smell of marijuana from the beginning. When you store it, use glass instead of plastic, and use containers that have tight seals. Use a vape pen, which doesn’t actually burn the marijuana, instead of smoking joints. Or just stick to edibles. If you insist on smellier forms of consumption, stick with strains that are known for being low-odor.

Mask It

Masking the smell of weed can be pretty difficult. The terpenes responsible for weed’s distinctive smell are, well, pretty distinctive. Burning incense or candles, or spraying some Febreze, may not be perfect, but they can at least dilute the smell temporarily.

If you’re not using a vape pen and are blowing out smoke, blow it into a sploof (attach a couple dryer sheets over the end of a cardboard tube with a rubber band, and stuff it with toilet paper) to mask the smell. Using activated charcoal can be even more effective.

Ventilation Is Your Friend

This is probably the most effective way to air out a closed space: open your windows. Try not to smoke indoors in the first place. Smoking outside, or in a well-ventilated area, will help distribute the smoke so the odor-causing compounds don’t linger. But if it’s too cold or you’re too lazy, or what have you, opening the window after a smoke sesh can help too, especially if you’ve been smoking in a hot, humid, closed area. Crack a window open while you smoke, and chances are good you won’t have to worry about the smell persisting on your clothes or in your hair.

Make an Investment

Home grown operations, especially in places where it’s illegal, use carbon filter exhaust systems to reduce odors while ventilating their space. These carbon scrubbers are expensive, though. But if you feel like spending several hundred dollars to deodorize a room, this is your best bet.

Masking the smell will only get you so far.

Best Air Freshener To Kill Weed Smell Fast: Top 8

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So, mom or your special somebody is coming over tonight, but they don’t know that you like to smoke the ganja, or maybe they just don’t appreciate the smell of it. Either way, you are going to be in some seriously hot water if your place smells like an ounce of weed just went up in smoke.

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That’s why we are here today, to save all your butts and tell you what is the best air freshener to kill weed smell (420 Odor Spray is our top pick). However, before we get into talking about the various air fresheners for pot stink that you could have in your arsenal, we also want to take about the weed smoke itself, mainly in terms of how long it lasts and how you can try to cut down on that ganja stink in the first place.

Neutralizing Smell vs Masking Smell

One thing that we think is important to talk about before we get into look at specific air fresheners and odor eliminators for weed smell, is the difference between actually killing and neutralizing a smell and simply masking a smell, and yes, there is a big difference.

Many normal air fresheners just contain perfumes and artificial scents which are designed to mask an odor. Yes, these can work alright, but more often than not, they just mix with whatever smell is in the room to create one heck of a stink.

It’s like showering with Axe body spray instead of washing yourself. You will just end up smelling like sweat and whatever ridiculous name the bottle of body spray has that you just blasted yourself with. Now, not all air fresheners like this are bad, not all are super overpowering, and some do work pretty well.

Always Go With Neuralizing Options, Here Is Why

However, the better option to go with by far is the type of air freshener that actually kills and neutralizes odors. These usually use some sort of natural botanical essential oils, often Tea Tree oil, which is well know for neutralizing smoke smells. Some of these also use chemicals which are not too healthy to inhale, but they do still work.

Instead of just masking a smell, and possibly mixing with it, this type of air freshener actually eliminates the odor. Personally, we like a combination of odor killers and masking agents, as the combination tends to work the best, especially if you need to get rid of that marijuana smoke smell real fast.

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Marijuana?

Of course, the whole point of today’s article is to talk about how to get rid of the smell of marijuana in your home. Mom or dad are coming over, your boss is popping by, or maybe your landlord never allowed you to smoke inside in the first place.

Whatever the case may be, the clock is ticking and the smell of a blueberry blunt wrap and the kush that was inside of it needs to go now. So how do I get rid of the smell of marijuana?

There are a few different things that you can do, but of course, our recommendation would be to use a special air freshener and odor neutralizer, but there are other options including the following.

  • Open as many windows as humanly possible.
  • Cook some strong smelling food.
  • Do laundry with lots of detergent.
  • Use incense candles.
  • Take a hot shower with the bathroom door open and lots of soap for lathering.

Yes, we know that some of these solutions might sound a little far fetched, but take it from people who have been doing this for a long time.

The smell of garlic and onions in your pasta will quickly overpower any kind of chronic you just smoked, and a hot Old Spice shower usually does the trick pretty well too. These things work even better if you happen to open your windows too.

How Long Does The Smell Of Weed Last?

Luckily for all of the pot smokers out there, the smell of weed smoke really does not last all that long, especially not when compared to cigarette smoke.

Speaking from experience, you could smoke a joint in your apartment and leave for a couple hours to get groceries, and you probably won’t even smell it when you get back.

On the other hand, smoke a cigarette in your apartment, and you can leave for a whole day, and you’ll probably still smell it when you get back. Ok, yes, if you smoke a joint every hour of every day, it will take a few days for the smell to go away, but this is still nothing compared to cigarette smoke.

Keep in mind that the more fabrics are present in the room, such as fabric couches, clothes, and curtains, the more the smell of weed smoke will be absorbed, and the longer it will last.

If you smoke a nice joint or blunt with some friends and you open a window, the smell should be gone in a couple of hours no problem.

How To Keep Pot From Smelling While Smoking

Lots of people ask how they can stop weed from smelling in the first place when smoking it. Guys, this is not really a thing. If you smoke weed, it is going to smell.

That is what pot smoke does, it smells, and some people do not like it. So when people ask us how to make sure that their car does not smell after smoking a joint, our answer would be to not smoke it in your car in the first place. It’s a confined space filled with fabric, and it is going to stink.

Pull over, find a bench, and light up. Smoking in your car not only makes your car stink, but it also puts you in danger. Smoking pot and driving a vehicle is a criminal offense and considered intoxicated driving.

If you do feel the need to smoke in your car, open the windows, turn on the AC for airflow, and blow the smoke out of the window, and then to top it off, use one of the air fresheners which we reviewed below.

Tips For Smoking At Home

If it is your house we are talking about, stopping the pot smell from really invading your home in the first place is a little easier. Here are some tips you can follow to stop that weed stink from permeating your whole home and stinking the place up.

  • Smoke near an open window where the airflow sucks the smoke out.
  • Try to create a cross breeze with multiple windows.
  • Place some sort of air fan or ventilation system by a window and blow the smoke into that.
  • Use what some people call a “spoof” or a “jail toker”, which is a toilet paper roll stuffed with a dozen drier sheets. The smoke passes through the drier sheets and comes out smelling like laundry, and yes, still a little bit like pot smoke. It’s not 100% effective, but definitely better than nothing.
  • If you are super worried about somebody complaining about the smell of pot smoke, you can always try eating edibles, as they do not smell at all

The Best Air Fresheners To Kill Weed Smell: Top Picks

Here we have a list of the top most effective air fresheners and sanitizers to get rid of that strong weed smell that you can’t have permeating the air around you.

Let’s take a quick look at each of the top air fresheners for marijuana smell right now;

The best air freshener really makes all the difference killing weed smells fast in your house or car, here are the 8 most effective products and some tips.