bcd strain

Bcd strain

Blue City Diesel Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
THC: 23%, CBD: 1%

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Takes quite a bit to catch a good buzz but its uplifting to spirits while making you feel really relaxed. I would give it 4 stars if it didn’t take so much quantity to get there.

Best I’ve used for pain

WOW, great taste and even better high

Awesome pain medicine. Thank you whoever is responsible for this strain. I suffer from AVN in my hip Chronic joint pain.

Terrific for soaring, happy head-high, combined with totally relaxed body stone. I only ordered 1/4 ounce of this and wish I’d ordered a full once.

This strain besides Pineapple Express is my favorite go to strain. I suffer from chronic pain, chronic fatigue, auto immune, Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, vein disorder, muscle spasms, & ect. This is definitely one to help anyone who suffers with these health problems. Knocks out my pain, muscle spasms, & ect almost immediately. Definitely recommend to anyone.

This is one of my favorite strands I love the sweetness of every inhale. I keep passing out also it will definitely Knock You Out

By far one of the best mixed hybrid I have smoked in a long time. I love Sour Diesel and that gas smell that it gives out but you can’t beat that blueberry tone, that sweetens it up and pumps in that 60% Indica that comes along about 10 or 15 minutes after you you’ve tasted that beautiful taste first time. Next thing you know you’re wondering what you’re doing with your eyes closed cuz you’re just thinking about stuff but extremely comfortable while you do so. Not to mention I live in a state where it is not supposed to be so I’m very lucky to have gotten my hands on it my first was last week. & Highly recommended. The taste the mind opening cerebral buzz that comes on immediately & Then followed by a second serving of Indica on top I’m thinking I have a new favorite strain I hope I see you again in the future I’m going to make what I have last as long as I can

Also known simply as Blue Diesel, Blue City Diesel is a highly potent mix of Blueberry and NYC Diesel. It's an indica-dominant hybrid (40:60 sativa/indica ratio), but it delivers both mind and body effects. THC levels have been known to exceed 23%, making this one of the strongest strains availab…

Green Cross Dispensary

“ Everything you wanted to know about our strains but were afraid to ask. From the classics to the ones shrouded in mystery, here’s the low-down on the Green Cross’ Cannabis. ”

Well aware is halfway there.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck: AKA, ATF. This is a so-called legendary strain. Sativa-dominant.

Helps: Migraines, Insomnia, appetite, PTSD, depression, body pain.

Blue City Diesel: AKA, BCD. this strain was originally created by DJ Short. Indica-dominant.

Helps: Body pain, headaches, nausea, good daytime strain.

C-99: This strain was created from seeds bought in an Amsterdam coffee shop. Sativa-dominant.

Helps: Stress, depression, fatigue, body pain, migraines.

ChemDawg: This strain has semi-ambiguous genetics and a mystery background. Heavily Sativa-dominant.

Helps: Arthritis, migraines, cramps, back pain, insomnia.

CVK: AKA, CVK. this strain has been called a “spirit lifter” by some patients. Indica-dominant.

Helps: Epilepsy, nausea, body pain, Insomnia, depression.

Larry: This strain is exclusive to the Green Cross Dispensary. A heavy hitter for sure! An exact 50/50 Split.

Helps: Lack of appetite, insomnia, stress, pain.

Permafrost: The strain that divides the critics. Its relaxing effects are divided between mind and body. attention is transfixed and a full-body calm occurs.

Genetics: Trainwreck x White Widow

Helps: ADD, ADHD, Crohn’s Disease, IBS.

Flavors: Pine, sweetness, earth.

G-13: A true mystery strain. Supposedly grown by government agencies attempting to create a “super strain. Split.

Helps: Anxiety, inflammation, ADD, ADHD, migraines.

PineTar: This strain comes from a family of pure Indica strains native to Pakistan. PineTar has been nearly unaltered from its original genetics. Pure of heart.

Genetics: Unknown original strains

Helps: Anxiety, appetite, Insomnia, migraines, seizures.

Flavors: Pine, earth, sweetness

Green Kush: This strain starts out with an interesting upbeat cerebral high. Sativa-dominant.

Helps: Lack of appetite, stress, pain, depression, nausea.

Leprosy: This mystery strain is an exclusive, grower-proprietary genetic blend!

Helps: Pain, insomnia, focus.

Flavors: Mild, earthiness, woods.

Shishkaberry: Sometimes called “Kish”, this strain gives an initial happy head buzz, but once its Indica comes for you, you can’t not be lazy.

Genetics: Blueberry x Afghani

Helps: Body pain, depression, stress, fatigue, Insomnia.

Flavors: Berry, sweetness, Blueberry.

Harlequin Tsunami: An interesting strain that does not bring any unwanted psychoactivity. Indica-dominant.

Helps: PMS/PMDD, PTSD, inflammation.

Maui Wowie: The genetics of this popular strain are fairly mysterious. we only have one half of the puzzle, but that doesn’t stop its devotees from loving it. Sweet pineapple undertones.

Genetics: Hawaiian x Unknown

Helps: Depression, stress, nausea, pain.

Flavors: Tropical, Pineapple, citrus.

Speedy White: An “up” strain, Speedy is not what you choose before bed or for relaxing. Think working on a project for a few hours, instead.

Genetics: Himachal Pradesh x Brazillian

Helps: Depression, muscle pain, nausea, stress, lack of appetite.

Green Cross Dispensary “ Everything you wanted to know about our strains but were afraid to ask. From the classics to the ones shrouded in mystery, here’s the low-down on the Green Cross’