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Barney’s Farm

Really loved this strain. Buds were really resinous and grew some good dense buds.

Already tried a bowl and they smoke so smooth

More of a daytime smoke but good for both. Smells a very nice mixture of gelato and gg4, taste is more on the gelato side, very nice variety will update after the cure.

Update: weighed the buds and it was 30gs, most of the buds are quite airy it looks like a lot more than it is. Regardless happy with the outcome, nice smooth smoke and really nice high

Well, my second Mimosa grow shows a bit more of what this strain, and the genetics, are capable of. Think I’ll try more of Barneys genetics after this grow.

A healthy veg cycle allowed for proper training of these girls with amazing results. Buds are massive and look amazing! Harvest was tremendous with a total of 50+ crowns. Got some hand sized buds from this grow, biggest colas I’ve managed to grow yet!

Needless to say I’m looking forward to putting this harvest through some field testing. Will update with a smoke report/final totals in a couple weeks. Happy growing!

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Bad quality

Bad quality seeds. Gave them another go after 5 years but males again. Barneys are known for there bad quality or male seeds. Greenhouse are the boys to go to!

I Bought 6 feminized auto seeds from…

I Bought 6 feminized auto seeds from Barney’s. 5 of them didn’t even sprout. The one that did barely grew over 20 cm and ended up being a male.


Terrible! Do not buy seeds from barneys. I purchased from 3 different places same time. Barneys arrived first on friday, big buddha saturday, royal queen seeds on the tuesday. 2 weeks have passed the royal queens germinated and sprouted within a few days and overtook everything although starting life 5 days later. The big buddhas are also growing nice. The barneys farm seeds over half did not root. And the ones that did root and got put in the pot have not even sprouted up. Not going to waste time with them and throwing them all as ive heard bad stories (after my purchase) about them having male seeds etc. These were the most expensive ‘feminized seeds’ off there site which i purchased.. £100 wasted. RIP OFF COMPANY BUY ELSEWHERE

Auto-flowering WASTE OF MONEY

Auto-flowering DOS SI DOS – germination failure rate of 80%. The seedlings that appeared died in 2-3 days or remained runts with slow and weak growth. Lots of abnormal leaf formations. Plants have very little yield – maybe 7 grams on each. VERY DISAPPOINTING SEED GENETICS BEST AVOIDED – WASTE OF MONEY

Great service, get what you order

Good service, you get what you order.

Always great seeds and great seeds.

Keep ripping off strains guys

Keep ripping off strains guys, that’s all you know

So here’s credit to the actual breeders of the strains they have stolen

Wedding cake – was a select pheno of triangle mints was found by jungle boys, although triangle mints was bred by Seed junky

Mimosa was bred by symbiotic genetics

Do-si-dos was bred by archive seed bank, they can’t name this strain Do-si-dos 33 as that refers to a select phenotype

Tropicanna banana was bred by world’s strongest strains

Purple punch was also bred by symbiotic genetics

Shishkaberry was bred by spice of life seeds

Pink kush was bred by old school breeders association.

And that’s only the “Cali collection” there’s a multiple others

Most of seeds recieved are premature…

Most of seeds recieved are premature white seed..
Every time have wasted so much money with them and feel quite ripped off with their bad customer service



Purple punch

Purple punch. Very slow start. Low yield. Wasted time and money(
Not recommend.

Damn, at the begin of this month i ordered them and indeed like most comments very fast delivery. But thats the only thing good. Only 10% opened, (never had that before). They “forgot” the free seeds, instead i got a 20% off for next delivery. I don’t think so. Don’t buy here.

Why is there not an option for zero…

Why is there not an option for zero stars?.
Having wasted precious time and money,these so called femanised seeds turned out to be male.
An expensive lesson learned,there will be no repeat custom from me!.

Scammers ! Stay away ! Seeds are males and most wont pop . Be aware!

Scammers, all the good reviews here are made from them, do some research on the net grower blogs you will realise this company is complete garbage , from the products to the customer service , all their seed didn’t pop beside one i got for free !! Wow . Same conditions same soil same date , other farmer seeds ( eurogrower) all poped and doing great ! I wrote to them they never even bother to reply, stole my money gave me garbage and disappear , however I will pay them a visit as they been scamming alot of people on the net, check blogs, seeds are poor quality and not even the genetic they label, alot of them if they pop will be males or end up dying after a few days, but no worries there are plenty of farm house out there just void this scammers , and pay them a visit in person see what these dutchies say , they are very good at finding poor excuses but good at scamming people ! Will see you soon barney !!

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