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Critical Kush (Barney’s Farm) feminized

Critical Kush by Barney’s Farm is a very successful cross between Critical Mass, itself a hybrid of Afghani x Skunk #1, and OG Kush, a Northern Californian strain with Chemdawg and Pakistani Kush heritage. This impressive marriage ultimately results in an indica-dominant smoke that induces a strong stone, making it a great choice for relaxing and medicinal purposes.

Critical Kush (Barney’s Farm) feminized
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Each square metre of the feminized Critical Kush from Barney’s Farm will yield up to 650g of top-quality weed indoors, with a lab tested THC content of 25%. The smoke will knock you out completely and with no remorse. This typical indica characteristic, combined with unbelievable potency, makes Critical Kush a perfect late-evening smoke, as well as a viable pain-reliever.

A rather short plant, Critical Kush reaches just 100cm and blooms in 60 days, making it worth considering for impatient indica aficionados who prefer traditional (not AutoFem) varieties.

You can check out the full in-depth review of Critical Kush on our blog here.

Critical Kush (Barney’s Farm) feminized data sheet

Brand Barney’s Farm
Genetics 100% Indica
Parents Critical Mass x O.G. Kush
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC 25%
CBD 2%
CBD:THC 1 : 11.9
Yield (Indoor) 600-650 gr/m²
Height (Indoor) 100cm
Height (Outdoor) 100cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Genetics Including Critical
Awards Cannabis Cup (High Times)
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminized

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j’ai acheter 10 graines pour 90 euros. Elle ont toutes germer, elles ont eu une belle croissance, très bien jusque la, mais une fois passé en floraison je me suis aperçu après 1 semaine et demi que j’avais 5 herma. J’essaie de retirer les petite couilles ( si je puis dire ainsi ) et de sauver ma culture mais je n’y crois pas trop . J’irais jusqu’au bout pour voir, mais je suis dégouter, je comptais beaucoup sur ma culture. C’étais la première fois que j’utilisais des graines de cher Barney’s farm et je ne pense pas que j’en reprendrais un jour, a voir. Comprenez mes amis qu’ici je ne juge en rien la qualiter du produit fini car je n’en suis pas a la récolte( si j’y arrive) mais bien les problèmes rencontrer avec ces graines.

I´ll come back!
I had 15 of 20 seeds from Barneys in the growcycle , they all outperformed the other seeds , and also it is still my best result (despite it was my first grow..)in a couple of years now.. (i like to test unknown) – Good Yield – Nice Buds (nearly nuggets) – few leaf to a lot of bud ratio – good turn – because so many ppl vote if the seeds pop or not .. all seeds popped out :p (3 of 3) – no super special flavor but still good

Bon début
3/3, très bien, à suivre


Herma gevoelig
2 van de 3 zijn herma geworden, met de mannelijke delen aan de hoofdstam in het midden. Waarschijnelijk genetisch bepaald. Deze delen blijven verwijderen. Wat van de ondertoppen mogen weggooien, door zaadvorming Lekker wietje, maar heel spijtig van de hermagevoeligheid. Een plant is geen herma, gaat nu pas bijna klaar zijn. 14 dagen later dan de rest. Maar ook een pak groter in omvang en gewicht. Ik zit op dag 74 en elke dag trichomen controle. Nog nooit geen problemen gehad met barneys, zeker niet bij auto’s. Fem is een ander verhaal, zelfde met de Bad Azz Kush. Super potent en0 lekker wietje maar dezelfde herma verschijnselen. Set up checkuo gedaan. Ph gecontroleerd alles, niet echt uitschieters gevonden en die ene plant groeit als een malle. Volgens mij niet echt stabiel zaad of er moet echt iets mis zijn gegaan zonder dat ik het heb opgemerkt.

Nice Nice Nice
Just a dream, no matter what I order from you! Everything is perfect so far. great team and perfect service. thank you 🙂

Great service
Great service grow coming along nicely:-) Wishing you all health and happiness Hempknight!

Exzellente Verpackung.Traumhaft schöne Pflanze Keimung nach 3 Tagen . Ich würde die Samen zwischen zwei Taschentüchern mit Wasser keimen lassen geht am schnellste.

3/3 gekeimt
Sehr schöne Pflanze Wachstum und Farbe perfekt auch ohne Vorkenntnis freue mich auf die Blüte.

Critical Kush
3 out of 3 germinated, me happy

Are you ready to get stoned? Critical Kush by Barney's Farm will bring you that sweet relaxation and pain relief after a long day. Get it at Zamnesia!

Critical Kush

This marijuana strain developed by the team of Barney’s Farm is a strange mix that comes from two famous genetics: the Critical Kush is a crossing between the highly desired Critical Mass and OG Kush strains.

The result is a very powerful Indica plant ,extremely vigorous, of medium height, producing an impressive amount of beautiful buds with very few leaves.

The flowering cycle is completed in just 8 weeks, and it offers sticky flowers due to its thick coverage of potent trichomes,that causes a blunt Stoned effect.

In this strain dominates the typical flavour of OG Kush and the yield per plant is incredible.

This new hybrid crossing is an important advance in the world of modern breeding.

The Indica dominance of Critical Kush makes of it an ideal plant for relaxation, pain relief and sleep aid.

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