auto lemon skunk

Auto Lemon Skunk

Auto Lemon Skunk was conceived by a special phenotype of Skunk #1 that displayed exceptionally tasty lemon traits and a selected ruderalis hybrid. After many generations we finally came to the result we were looking for. An autoflowering, lemon smelling skunk hybrid, that grows up to 140 cm and usually forms one central cola with minimal branching. This strain has a good but not extreme coating of resin, therefore it is not the strongest variety in our collection but it scores very high with it’s distinctive lemon aroma. Yields from this strain can be very high but growers must be careful with the feeding regime, because this variety is sensitive to overfeeding.

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Auto lemon skunk

Lemon Skunk Auto Marijuana Seeds was developed by Seeds66 and offers an ultra-fast, flowering plant that can be grown almost anywhere. To achieve this, we have crossed a Lemon Skunk with a Lowryder (to provide the ability to auto-bloom) and the result is a very fast, compact plant with an intense citrus flavor.

Auto Lemon Skunk is a very easy to grow and adaptable strain, ideal for outdoor guerrilla farming, a windowsill or on the balcony. Since it is a plant that flowers very quickly and remains relatively small, it grows quite unnoticed. Thus, it is a small to medium-sized plant with a compact appearance that develops with great power. At the end of flowering there are spongy buds with a tasty citrus scent.

Lemon Skunk Auto is a medium-yield crop, but offers very interesting yields for the space it claims. From germination to harvest, it takes about 60 – 70 days, both indoors and outdoors, to harvest. Under growth lights, the yield can reach 400 grams per square meter, while under outdoor sunlight it can reach yields of up to 40 grams per plant. Due to the short growth cycle, several harvests can be achieved in one summer.

The effect of 60 Day Lemon Auto is mild and is characterized by its physical component. It is ideal for smoking when you need some relaxation and make the day a little calmer.

One of the highlights of this variety is its strong and intense aroma and taste. The most important highlights are citrus notes such as lemon and grapefruit, always with a touch of sweet and spicy background reminiscent of Skunk.

Inside and outside

Genotype: Autoflowering with predominance Indica

Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Lowryder

Cannabinoids: medium to high THC levels

Complete cycle: 60 – 70 days (inside and outside)

Yield: Between 400 g / m2 (inside); up to 40 grams per plant (outdoors)

Planting: From April to November or all year round with artificial light.

Lemon Skunk Auto Marijuana Seeds was developed by Seeds66 and offers an ultra-fast, flowering plant that can be grown almost anywhere.