arise strain

Arise strain

Terp Isle #1 Is a classic Hawaiian heirloom Sativa strain (Pre Dutch influence) crossed with Irie Genetics ‘Arise’ Which is Golden Goat x Daybreaker. While both of these strains are great their own. Terp Isle #1 has the High THC numerics processors love with the super stinky terpenes of a pure sativa. The labs constantly tests over 35% thca and a terpenes profile that smashes over the competition at a monstrous 5% which is rare gem in todays cannabis. This is definitely a forever strain to grow and to use! Good luck finding this Unicorn! Happy Medicating!

Arise is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through a potent cross of the infamous Golden Goat X Daybreaker strains. Known for its calming and energizing effects, Arise is a great choice for a wake-and-bake or early afternoon pick-me-up when you need a little boost t…


Arise – Irie Genetics
Golden Goat x Daybreaker
28.48% THC
Premium Hand-crafted Medical Cannabis
$12 Gram
1g Pre-roll $12 – 0.5g Pre-roll $6

Today we have Arise available in:
2g Package

Arise is one of life’s wonderful little surprises. Hard work, dedication combined with artisanal, small-batch approach led us to this beautiful mistake. Our version of Arise possesses the genetic heritage of a true Sativa dominant and yet, it hits like a heavy Indica. And when we say heavy, we mean the straight THC-A level tested out at well over 30% (30.82% to be exact) and the combined activated THC potential came in at an astounding 28.48%!

Arise is a potent hybrid medical cannabis strain that defies typical Sativa/Indica classification. Some patients have found it to be heavy hitting and uplifting and many have found it to be heavy hitting and couch locking. It blew our minds, that this Sativa based strain was so Indica like. Surprise! Mother nature is really funny that way sometimes, and this time, she had us all scratching our heads – in a good way.

Smell/taste: Fruity Sandalwood

Δ9-THC Potency = [Δ9-THC] + [THC-A] x 0.877 = 1.45% + 30.82% x 0.877 = 28.48%

CBD Potency = [CBD] + [CBD-A] x 0.877 = 0.01% + 0.07% x 0.877 = 0.07%

From the breeder: Arise will lift your spirits with the sweet smell of sandalwood and a hint of tropical fruit. Arise has a fast acting sativa high that leaves your head clear and makes your body active. Arise is perfect for morning smoke or for social events.

SPECIAL NOTE: Though our Arise is wildly different then the breeder’s original intention, we have to admit we were pretty darn stoked when she came back with a 30.82% THC rating! If you go by the THC numbers, she is the most potent strain you will find in New Mexico! But you know better than that. When you do the math and conversion it ends up a solid 28.48%. And, we’re good with that!

Arise – Irie Genetics Golden Goat x Daybreaker 28.48% THC Premium Hand-crafted Medical Cannabis $12 Gram 1g Pre-roll $12 – 0.5g Pre-roll $6 …