apollo 13 seeds

Apollo 13

Alchimiaweb is very proud to present the legendary Apollo 13 by Brothers Grimm Seeds, now available again in seed form from the original breeders after 10 years out of production!

It’s fruity scent, potent, positive high and early flowering have made Apollo 13 a true classic in the cannabis scene, having been used by breeders like TGA Subcool to develop hybrids such as The Void, Third Dimension (3D) and of course Apollo 13 BX.

Brothers Grimm have crossed their highly-prized Genius mother plant (a very special selection of Jack Herer) and a P75 male from seeds kept by Mr. Soul to develop a true Old School hybrid from the original creators.

Its structure is ideal for the SCROG technique, with average internodal spacing, plenty of flexible and productive side branches with abundant bud sites and 3x stretch during flowering.

It needs 55-60 days of 12/12 photoperiod to be ready to harvest, yielding around 400g per m2 of long and chunky buds, that are sticky, resinous and rich in terpenes.

The terpene profile is unique: tropical fruit flavours with earthy, spicy and acidic notes, a true wonder. The effect is powerful and stimulating, uplifting and active, ideal for Sativa lovers looking for a clear and motivational high.

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Apollo 13 Sativa

Compared to its Indica cousin, Apollo 13 Sativa is highly cerebral and trippy. Uplifting and psychedelic, this mix of Genius and P75 promises a high-flying good time!

A Sativa-dominant hybrid, Apollo 13 Sativa is a high-yielding, fast-finishing cannabis seed that’ll drop a THC-infused bomb on your storage space in just seven short weeks. If your bong runneth over, spread the wealth instead of being greedy.

  • Genius X P75
  • Sativa-Dominant Version
  • Uplifting and Psychedelic – Trippy!
  • A Mega-Ton of Sticky Power

If you can’t get enough of the sticky stuff, Apollo 13 Sativa will thrill your soul! This cannabis seed is known for high resin output and a pungent, almost stinky smell.

Before you get carried away, your new Apollo 13 Sativa Seeds won’t look like this description. Instead, they’ll arrive in a completely dormant state and ready to be placed lovingly in your collection. Because cultivation and germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK, Rhino Seeds prohibits these and all other illegal activities.

Get ready for liftoff! Apollo 13 Sativa is a psychedelic strain that’ll turn your pad into a 0-gravity zone in seconds. Order Apollo 13 Sativa now!