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420 CafГ© in Amsterdam

The 420 Café is not only one of the most central Amsterdam coffee shops, located a short walk from Central Station, it is also one of the most welcoming. Friendly, knowledgeable staff are on hand, happy to offer advice about anything on the menu.


The dark, wooden interior of the 420 Café is more reminiscent of one of the city’s famous brown cafés than and typical Amsterdam coffee shop; a hold over from the days that customers could buy alcohol here. Frank Zappa posters line the walls and the music played is along the same lines, with classic rock and alternative as a nice change to the house and techno played in other coffee shops in Amsterdam.

For a visual treat, there is an easily visible screen that is usually playing nature documentaries without sound. High tables line the walls across from the long bar, but the best seats in the house can be found at the back, where the large tables are better suited to groups. Beware though, this area fills up fast; so come early or be prepared to wait at the high tables for space to clear.

While the 420 Cafe cannot serve alcohol anymore, there is the usual selection of juices, coffees and teas on offer. On the “more interesting menu” as they call it, a nice range of things to smoke can be found. For those with sensitive lungs, the 420 Café offers use of a vaporiser free of charge.


For a central coffee shop Amsterdam can hardly offer a better choice. The 420 Café is located on Oudebrugsteeg, a narrow street leading off the busy Damrak, which leads between Central Station and Dam Square. Simply look for the intersection directly across from the northern edge of the Beurs van Berlage, the large red-brick building that runs along the opposite side of the street. Address: Oudebrugsteeg 16, Amsterdam

Opening hours

Monday from 11am to 11pm
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 11pm
Friday and Saturday from 10am to 1am

420 CafГ© in Amsterdam
Oudebrugsteeg 27
1012 JN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Review of Amsterdam coffeeshop 420 Cafe, including atmosphere, pictures, contact, address, feeling and tips for visitors.

The 420 Festival In Amsterdam

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The 420 Festival In Amsterdam

Weather you consume cannabis regularly, sometimes or simply never, there is a great chance you have at least heard that the number 420 is somehow related to the cannabis culture. But not many actually know the real story behind it.

All urban myths and legends aside, the real origin of 420 dates back to 1971, when five high school students: Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Larry Schwartz, and Mark Gravich in San Rafael, California, who called themselves the Waldos ( their chosen hang-out spot was a wall outside the school, hence the name), went on a hunt for a plot of cannabis plants that were supposedly growing near the Point Reyes Peninsula Coast Guard Station. They would meet at 4:20pm outside their school to drive to the area and carry out the search many times. Though they never found the patch, the numbers 420 becake a useful code for them to communicate with each other.

Now, April 20 has become an international counterculture holiday, where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis, and some of these events have a political nature to them, advocating the liberalization/legalization of cannabis.

Few of the best 420 festivals in the would be: “Smokeout Vancouver” or “420 Vancouver” in Vancouver, British Columbia.; the “The Denver 420 Festival” in Denver, Colorado,” the “Hempfest” in Seattle, Washington; the “Hippie Hill” in San Francisco, California; the “London 420 Rally” in London, UK; “Cjristiania” in Copenhagen, Denmark, and last but not least, the “Amsterdam 420 festival” in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This year, the Amsterdam 420 Festival will be held at the Noorderlicht cafe where the guests will have the opportunity to attend the expo, get educated and enjoy the program. The biggest coffeeshop in the world, Prix D’Ami will be one of the official events sponsors of the 420 Fest.

The biggest coffeeshop in the world, Prix D' Ami will be one of the official events sponsors of the 420 Fest. You will get education and enjoy program.